4 games better played on touch and type pc

What is a touch and type laptop and why would your kids want to use one? A touch and type laptop allows you to input information by either touching the screen or typing on a keyboard. The Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Touch is a touch and type laptop. Lenovo sent me the IdeaPad Z500 Touch for review. Affiliate links within post.

Lenovo Ideapad Z500 touch laptop

I found that my kids have no problems getting acquainted with a touch and type PC. The first time they had a touch screen PC, they knew exactly what to do. It was very natural for them and I’ve found they prefer the touch screen to typing on the keyboard.

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Touch and Type Games for Kids

I asked my kids to sit down in front of my IdeaPad Z500 touch and type laptop and find games they wanted to play. My 9-year-old daughter and her friend immediately started looking for games where they could draw and photo apps.drawing games on touch and type laptop

She said that playing the drawing games using a mouse is not a lot of fun, but playing those drawing games using your finger on the touch screen is a lot of fun. It feels more like you are really drawing. Megan also enjoyed finding photos and drawing on them.

fixing photos on touch and type

Favorite Touch Screen Games for Kids

Crayola Photo Mix & Mash – You can either draw on photos or create your own drawings. Either way, she loves this app because the tools are very different. You can create a sky with sparkling stars or add sunglasses to a photo. Lots of options. It’s free to download, but has more options you can buy.

crayola mix and mash on touch screen laptop

Angry Birds Star Wars – This game is $3.49, but Megan says it is a lot more fun to play on the big touch screen than on her small phone. I have to admit I prefer playing it on the larger Z500 15.6″ inch screen too.

ScribbleMix from Disney – This is a free download and you are given a phrase and you have to try to draw whatever the phrase is. Megan had one that was “Spok on a shark.” The other person you are playing with sees you draw and has to guess what you are drawing. There are different levels of difficulty so kids of all ages can play.

scribblemix disney game touch and type

Disney Infinity Action! –  Both of my kids (and me) have fun with this one. you can create movies and you can be in the movie too. There are several of the Disney characters and props to use in the movies. They have fun just watching the animations of the different characters and being creative with the movies.

Lenovo IdeaPad z500 touch laptop

All of the above games are much easier to play on a touch screen. We have both touch and type PCs in the house and they always gravitate to the touch screen PCs to play these games. Now that they have used the touch screen on the Ideapad Z500 for some time, they prefer the touch screen over typing.

Disclosure: I was sent the Lenovo Ideapad Z500 touch and type laptop for review of the touch screen device. I am also a Lenovo Influencer. All opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links within post.

What are your favorite touch screen games?