To iPad or Not, That is the Question! Apple Reveals it Finally!

It’s official. Apple announced their tablet device today and it’s called the


I’m not really thrilled about the name. I can hear all the jokes already, but Apple likes the i with one syllable words so it doesn’t surprise me. But enough about my opinion, let’s get to the details first.

The iPad will have

  • iBook – ereader
  • iWork for iPad – downloadable apps priced at $9.99 each (pages, keynote, Numbers)
  • Contacts & Calendar
  • Video
  • Internet browser
  • Apps – all apps from iPhone/iTouch will work on iPad
  • Pictures – slideshows, upload
  • 10 hrs battery life
  • 9.7 in wide, .5 in thick
  • Syncs same as iPhone with a USB cord and iTunes

Let’s talk about prices of the service. $29 per month for unlimited 3G and $14.99 for up to 250 mb per month. AT&T is offering wifi hotspots for free.

No contracts and you can activate it right on the iPad.

And now for the prices of the iPad:

Starts at $499 for the 16 GB wifi up to $820 for the 64 GB wi+3G.

  • wifi is 16 GB – $499, 32 GB – $599, 64 GB – $699
  • wifi + 3G is 16 GB – $629, 32 GB – $729, 64 GB – $829

That pricing starts much cheaper than what I thought, but for the one I’d want, the price is right about where I thought it would be. In my opinion, they are offering enough options so that most can afford it if they want it.

My first impression is that I’m in love with it. I haven’t seen it in person and really seen it in action, so I’ll reserve my final opinion until I see it. I’m curious about using the keyboard. I’m listening to Leo Laporte talk about it (he was at the event) and he mentions that it takes the computer out of the equation. You don’t feel like you are using a computer. He is now holding one and says it’s very responsive and lightweight. It rotates portrait to landscape very quickly. He said typing feels good (although it was typing in Chinese). He was impressed and said it was a very beautiful device.

I like how real many of the things look. For example, the iBook software looks like a bookshelf with books on it. When you read a book, it looks like a real book and you can see the pages behind even. Apple always takes the time to add little things that make the whole user experience exceptional and very real.

I know I will get one and I would even stand in line for this. When can we get our hands on one? Apple said 60 days for the wifi version and 90 days for the wifi+3G version.

Will you get an iPad? What are your thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “To iPad or Not, That is the Question! Apple Reveals it Finally!

  1. I wonder if this will bring new peeps over to apple or mostly be attractive to current apple freaks? Your point about pricing is right on … I doubt that the lowest priced one will be the best selling. I’m excited though!
    .-= Fiona´s last blog ..Help Chris Mann #GetOnEllen =-.

  2. I don’t like the name, but it looks sweet! Of course, I will have a hard time convincing my DH that I “need” one. He thinks I already have too many gadgets, and I’m still paying off the MacBook! LOL

  3. I’m way underwhelmed with it. I expected much more, something that would compete both with eReaders and netbooks. I won’t buy it I until it can do more for me. At least Flash & more than one app at a time.

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