Some of you may know that I met my husband almost 20 years ago on AOL. He was the first normal person to send me a message that wasn’t X-Rated. I lived in Wisconsin and he lived in Virginia.  We never had to use technology to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but we got to know each other using technology.

valentine's day technology

Staying close using technology may sound cold and heartless, but I found that we talked about a lot of really important things. Topics we may not have touched until we had been dating a lot longer if we were in person.

Staying Close With Technology

Whether you are with your Valentine or not on February 14, here are some tips for using technology to stay close.


Nowadays most laptops come with a built-in web cam. You can use either Skype or Google+ Hangout to chat with your Valentine and you’d be able to see each other too. If you are lucky enough to be somewhere warm where you could go outdoors, you could grab your tablet or HP ENVY x2 and take the conversation outdoors. Maybe each of you grab a glass of wine, light a candle, throw in a frozen pizza and have dinner at sunset by candlelight and web cam.

HP EVY 23 touchsmart AiO

Watch a Movie

Each of you can watch the same movie on your laptop while you’re on the phone together. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, you should enjoy a romantic movie! Netflix has a ton of romance movies to choose from. Don’t forget to make popcorn.


Compete for Love

If you are a gamer, then try OMGPOP, which has a lot of multi-player games. If you are a Windows user, HP’s WildTangent websit also has games you can enjoy with your Valentine.

Digital Timeline

Create a slideshow with music and photos (maybe on your ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO) showing your relationship over time. It’ll be so romantic seeing how you have grown and changed.

Custom Cards

I love when I get a card in the mail that was made especially for me. You can create a custom card at Snapfish and use the “mail for me” option to have the card sent by Snapfish. It will show that you planned ahead and created something special.

What other ideas do you have for using technology to stay close on Valentine’s Day?

Disclosure: I received an HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart AiO PC as part of the #HPFamilyTime campaign. However, this post was not part of the campaign.

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