When you think of tech toys, do you think creativity? I am always looking for new ways to spark creativity and if it comes in the form of a tech toy, that’s even better. We are so used to using technology and I love combing creativity and technology. (Disclosure: I received many of the following products to try out before I chose to include them in this gift guide. I only put items in my gift guide that we loved. There are no guarantees that an item will make the gift guide. There are affiliate links within the post.)

tech toys encouraging creativity

Tech Toys Encouraging Creativity

My kids and I have tested each one of these tech toys and given them their thumbs up.

Crayola Photo Mix and Mash

This tech toy is the first photo product for kids by Crayola. You get 3 tools, a Digital Pen, Digital Stamper and Digital Morphing Tool which can be used on any Windows 8, iPad or Android touch screen device. The tools work with an app which can be downloaded for free.

Kids are able to take an ordinary photo and create fun masterpieces. The app comes with a variety of backgrounds, stamps (must be activated with the stamping tool), fonts, colors and you can add more from the store. The recommended age is 6 and up and retails for $19.99. (I received one for review.)

Crayola Mix & Mash; tech toys encouraging creativity


ArtSee Studio

The ArtSee Studio is a tech toy that works with the iPad and an app. You put the iPad in the ArtSee and then use the iPad screen along with the different ArtSee tools to create and play games. Your kids can draw and bring those drawings to life by animating them and adding sound. ArtSee comes with 6 tools: Doodlee (stylus), Stampee (stamps), Melodee (sound), Pointee (animation), Rolle (add texture) and Funnee (games.) It comes with a parent menu for parental controls, safety guards and sharing artwork via Facebook, Twitter or to print.

Recommended for ages 5 – 15 years and reatils for $39.95. (I received one for review.)

artsee tech toys

KidsMotion Software

KidsMotion is software, but I really love this one so I wanted to include it. It is available only for the Mac from the App Store. KidsMotion will help your kids create really fun videos. They can tell stories with videos, sound and photos. It’s similar to creating a slideshow, but built completely for kids. The tools are easy to use and the only limits are their imagination. The completed video can be shared on Facebook or YouTube or downloaded. These are great for making personalized gifts from your kids to grandparents. You can download a demo from the KidsMotion website. There is a Black Friday sale going on right now and KidsMotion is $24.99. (received gift code for review)

kidsmotion tech toys for creativity



iDeaPLAY is a 7″ Android-based tablet built just for kids ages 4 and up. The tablet’s size is great for kids and comes with a protective bumper cover. It is COPPA compliant and has both a parents mode and kids mode. This tablet is perfect for younger kids who want to play educational games, read books and be creative in a controlled environment. There are  many apps available that encourage creativity. The tablet allows parents to tailor the device for their own child’s creative likes. If your child loves to draw, you can add more drawing apps. There are some apps preloaded on the tablet. The iDeaPLAY retails for $129. (Received device for testing purposes only and sent back.)

ideaplay tablet tech toys

Kobo Arc

The Kobo Arc is a great reading tablet for older kids and adults. I like this tablet for reading because it is based on the Android system and while it’s main purpose is for reading, you can download apps from the Android app store. You can create Kobo Kids accounts to limit the amount of money they spend on books. As your kids read books, the Kobo Arc learns what type of books they like and will show them similar books and even articles. My daughter has found many books that she loves to read from the discovery suggestions and reading always sparks creativity. This tech toy retails for $149.99. (Received one to review.)

Kobo Arc  tech toys

Disclosure: I received many of the tech toys to try out before I chose to include them in this gift guide. I only put items in my gift guide that we loved. There are no guarantees that an item will make the gift guide. There are affiliate links within the post.