Intel Powers Your Family’s Tech Gifts #8thGen Intel® Core™

Intel Powers Your Tech Gifts with #8thGen Intel® Core processor

This is an Intel sponsored post. 

Intel Powers Your Tech Gifts with #8thGen Intel® Core processor

Intel Super Powers Your Tech Gifts

Every year my kids want the newest gadgets. Needless to say, with four kids in the house, we have a lot of tech gifts. This year, I’m going to use my super mom powers to give new life to those past tech gifts. How? With a laptop powered with Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor.

Lenovo Yoga 920 powered by Intel's 8th Generation core processor

How Does Intel Add Power To Other Devices?

The laptop with Intel itself will not add battery life to your camera or increase the resolution of your images, but it will help you do more with those devices. The speed of Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor will help you in these ways:

  • Your software will run faster
  • Enough processing power to stream 4k video
  • Create 4k videos & edit 4k images
  • Virtual reality will run effortlessly
  • Play graphic-intensive games with no lag

Below are some of the gadgets and services we have in our house and I’ll explain how a laptop powered with Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor will improve the use of these devices. It’s a must on the gift list this year.


Drone on holiday gift list.

A few years ago we bought a drone as a family gift. Our kids love making movies and I thought it would be fun to have a bird’s eye view of our events.

The drone takes great videos and pictures, but the files are HUGE, and sometimes hard to edit because it can slow down a computer tremendously.

With a laptop powered with Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor, we could edit videos and pictures without slowing down the computer. No more sitting and waiting for an edit to save (and sometimes timing out).

TIP: Download the images and video from your drone immediately after you are done or you will forget. I also watch the video and delete anything that is blurry or not needed. No reason to take up space.


Most of us have our music on our devices. Sometimes we want to share that music with everyone in the room. We have Bluetooth speakers for those occasions. Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor powered Yoga 920 will play the music through the speakers with no problems. Let the party begin…..

Speaker on holiday gift list

If you do not want everyone in the room to hear your music, you can connect headphones. Because the 8th Gen Core processor is so fast, you can listen to music and edit your videos from the drone at the same time. Party of one!

Headphones for listening to music on your laptop


Cameras on holiday gift list

Everyone in our house has a camera and as a scrapbooker, I take photos daily. I want a computer that can load the photos quickly and make it simple for me to search for the exact photo.

When I’m working on a scrapbook page, I want that particular photo now. I don’t want to type in the search field, hit enter and wait 20 minutes. Intel’s new processor runs software up to 2x faster than older computers. That means more time for scrapbooking and less time searching.

Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor will give you pro photo and video editing capabilities. Whether it’s a photo from a digital camera or a video from our new 360-degree camera, I can be assured that we have enough power to edit our media.

TIP: Every week or month, back up all your photos and videos to an external drive or cloud service. You do not want to lose all those precious moments.

360 camera

360 Camera

Streaming Movies & TV

Streaming TV and movies

There is a lot of streaming going on in our house. My kids watch more streaming TV shows and movies than live TV. With a Yoga 920 powered with Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor, they will be watching their streaming services in beautiful 4k and also get up to 10 hours of battery life.

TIP: When your kids leave for college, a great gift is a subscription to their favorite streaming service. Some colleges offer one or more of the services for free, so check with the college first.

Video Conferencing

Power your tech gifts with Intel 8th Gen Core

Two of my kids are in college and we have family far away. Video conferencing is the best way to keep in touch. But it really sucks when you are connected to the Internet, but the computer is so slow that the video stops. You can hear the person, but you can’t see them.

With Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor on the Yoga 920, we won’t have to worry about the dreaded frozen picture. It will be smooth sailing and we will see AND hear our family.

TIP: Set up a weekly video meeting with family and friends. You can have Sunday dinner with your grandparents via video conferencing. It’s just like being together.


Virtual reality glasses

We have big gamers in this family and I hear it when the games are slowed down because they don’t have a powerful computer. Power comes in small packages with the Yoga 920. Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor gives the 920 it’s power, yet it’s a thin and light computer and can easily travel with you.

Your games go with you! My boys will love that. I’m Super Mom! This year let Intel Power Your Tech Gifts.


What gadgets are on your family’s gift list this year? 

Disclosure: This is an Intel sponsored post. I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. 

Power Up Your Tech Gifts With Intel #8thGen Intel® Core

#8thGen Intel® Core™ Processor Inside

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