Tech Gifts for Teens

tech gifts for teens

With two techie teens in the house, I’m always hearing about the latest tech gifts they want. The good news is I can share that knowledge with you. If you have a teen in the house, one of these tech gifts will put a smile on their face. Some of these items I received for review. No guarantees a product will be in my gift guides. Affiliate links within the post. 

tech gifts for teens

Tech Gifts for Teens

Xbox One or Playstation 4

Yes, I’m suggestion either the XBox One or the Playstation 4. Both are awesome devices and I do have preferences for each in different situations as you’ll see in my different gift guides. For a teen, it really depends on what they prefer. I find that teens who have a Playstation 3 will probably want a Playstation 4 and those who have the XBox 360 will want the XBox One. I asked my teen what he wants and he said both!

Tech Gifts for Teens Xbox One


The Xbox One is more than a gaming system. It is a complete entertainment system and includes Skype for communicating, Kinect for motion control, apps for movies, music, TV and so much more. Easily switch back and forth between gaming and watching TV and speak to search for your favorite shows or movies. Bing is integrated into the Xbox One to help you search.

Many of the activities that a teen does in a day, communicate, search, watch TV or movies can be done on the Xbox One.

Playstation 4 tech gifts for teens

The Playstation 4 is a gaming device and an entertainment device. Watch TV, movies, play games online or offline and listen to music. Your teen can personalize the PS4 to easily find the content he/she uses most often.

Beats Headphones

There are many different types of headphones so if you teen prefers the in-the-ear or the large over-the-ear type, Beats has several tech gifts for teens. I received Beats Headphones for review.

teen tech gifts beats headphones

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is purely for reading and while you may not believe it, teens do like to read. My teens read books faster than I can buy them, so I have found that buying a Kindle and downloading ebooks has been a more cost-effective route for our family. We all share the same account, so we can read the same books and only pay for them once.  Some features of the Paperwhite that I like:

  • Easy to read in the sunlight
  • Available in several different versions (wifi, 3G, with ads, no ads)
  • Battery lasts for weeks
  • Light built-in for easy reading in the dark

Kindle paperwhite tech gifts for teens

Teens prefer devices that let them get away from the stresses of their life. The stresses of school, future college decisions, work, after-school activities and even parents can get to be a lot. These tech gifts will help your teen chill out.

Disclosure: I have noted above which devices I was given to review. No guarantees that a gadget will be on my gift guides. All opinions are 100% my own.

What tech gifts for teens suggestions to you have?


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