Tech Gifts For Dads and Grads

tech gifts for dads grads

June is the time of the year we honor our Dads and the Grads. Here are some of my tech gift suggestions for the Dads and Grads in your life.

What are you buying the Dad & Grad in your life?


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  • Hi I know it’s not on your list of gadgets. But my wife bought me a go pro camera as a fathers day present. It makes great videos I love surfing and cycling so get plenty of use out of it.just thought I would share that with you. Like the look of the Sony blog give.

    Thanks lee

  • WOW! Those are great gifts. And I see that Just dance 4 is there. I never knew that. Cool! And Dance Central 3 is also going to be released a few months from now.

  • These gift ideas are great. But i think if Sony Blogie is the best gift for my dady. Although the the day is gone does not mean we can not give a gift to our father, right

  • Now that Father’s Day is gone, I thought I should come here and tell you what I have bought. The winner was Western Media Center and my dad was really pleased with the gift. It took a while until he understood the idea behind this device, but at the end of the day he had a big smile on his face. Now that I saw the device and what it can do, I am thinking of buying one for our living room. Thanks Michele for the idea!

  • Thank you Michele for this little idea of tech gifts for dads, but now I am torn apart between Microsoft Lifecam webcam and Western Digital Media Center and I don’t know which one to buy for my dad. He always complained about the quality of his old webcam (320×240 resolution), but he just loves to watch movies on his HDTV. Hmmm… which one to choose?

Let me know what you thought!!

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