Tech Gift Guide With Something For Everyone

2016 Tech Gift Guide with Something for Everyone

Looking for a gadget gift for someone? Below are some of my 2016 tech gift recommendations. You should be able to find something below for everyone.


Disclosure: There are affiliates links within this post. I received some of the products below to test. I never put anything on my gift guide that I would not spend money on myself. I have noted the items that I received.

Tech Gift Guide

VARIDESK Soho Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

The VARIDESK Soho standing desk is one of the best items I have ever received. I spend a lot of time at my desk sitting. I love that I can now stand and use my laptop. The desk is adjustable for different heights so anyone can use it whether you are 5 feet tall like me or taller like everyone else. It’s very easy to adjust and can be done with the laptop on the desk.

The days where I stand at my laptop, I have a lot more steps on my Fitbit and I’m more active. It has made me more aware of how much time I spend sitting.

(I received the desk for testing.)

VARIDESK Soho height-adjustable standing deskPicture Keeper

Back up your smartphone to Picture Keeper Connect. You can backup photos, videos and contacts to Picture Keeper and when the drive is filled up, grab another and continue to backup. You will never lose photos again from your smartphone (and it’s simple to use). (Received 16 GB for testing.)

Picture Keeper Connect for backing up photos from your smartphone.

Logitech Mouse

The Logitech M325 wireless mouse is my favorite. It’s small enough to travel easily, yet big enough to use. It also comes in a lot of different styles and colors. You can get a style to match your personality. It comes with a battery and the battery life is 18 months. Perfect for travelers and students. (Received the mouse to test, however, I have bought several before and after I received the mouse.)

Logitech M325 wireless mouse.

Nabi SE Tablet

The Nabi SE Tablet is the perfect tablet for kids in Pre-K through 5th grade. It comes with a case around the edges to protect it and is sturdy enough to withstand a child’s wear and tear. The Nabi SE has taken the lessons appropriate for each level and made them into a game. Kids love to play and they won’t even know they are learning. Parents have access to reports to track their child’s progress.

There are apps for books, videos, games and even a chore tracker. It includes a creativity suite to create videos, storybooks and for drawing.

Parents have full control over what their child can and can’t do on the tablet. It’s built on an Android platform, but is built for kids.

(I received a tablet for testing.)

Nabi SE tablet for kids

UE Roll 2

The UE  Roll 2  is a portable Bluetooth wireless speaker. It even comes with a small floaty that you blow up and put the speaker in so you can use it in the pool. I gave the speaker I received for testing to my daughter becuase it’s perfect to through into your purse or backpack and take anywhere. She uses it in her bedroom, the bathroom, the dance studio and it will go with her to college next year.

The sound is spectacular. It sounds like the speaker is a lot bigger than it is. You connect the speaker to your phone, download the UE app and you can control the speaker from the app.

This speaker is perfect for hiking, the beach, the backyard pool, dorm room, hotel room and anywhere else you go.

(Received a speaker for testing.)

UE Roll 2 waterproof Bluetooth speaker.



Fitbit Fitness Trackers

I have tried many different fitness trackers and I always go back to the Fitbit. My favorite right now is the Fitbit Alta. It looks like a bracelet with a small narrow screen. I can change the band to match my outfit. When any of the Fitbit trackers are paired with the app on your smartphone, you begin to see why I love the Fitbit so much. You can add your daily food and water and the Fitbit tracks your steps, sleep, exercise and floors.

It gives me a good overview of my entire day. I always thought I was getting a lot of sleep, but when I look at the quality of my sleep, I now realize why I’m tired all the time.

Fitbit fitness tracker


Amazon Echo & Alexa Devices

I purchased the Echo when it first came out and fell in love with it immediately. Our original Echo is in our kitchen and helps us do a lot of daily tasks. The one I like the best is our grocery list. When we run out of something, we say, “Alexa, add apples to the shopping list” and Alexa adds the apples to the shopping list. We can all access the shopping list from our phones with the Alexa app.

Amazon Echo


Alexa also helps with homework, today’s weather, trivia questions, recipe questions, news and she is even a speaker. Yes, I said, “she” because she is part of the family now. I loved the Echo so much that I bought the Amazon Tap for my office. The big difference is that it’s smaller, portable and streams music from my smartphone. It sits on the charger, but I can take it with me if I am going somewhere and use it as a speaker.

Amazon Tap

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone

If you are in the market for a drone, I recommend the Phantom 3 Professional. I purchased this drone over the summer and I love it. I wanted to try a drone to see how they worked. I’ll admit that there are not a lot of consumer uses, but it is a lot of fun.

We like to fly it up above our house at sunset. We get awesome videos and photos of the sunset over our community. You can also stream the video live to Facebook which I’ll admit is pretty cool.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone



 iPad Pro With Pencil

The tablet I’m currently using is the iPad Pro 12″ with the Apple Pencil. I purchased it before the iPad Pro 9.7” version came out. I do like the larger tablet size, but I probably would have gone with the smaller one had it been available. But the selling feature for me is the Apple Pencil. I love being able to write on the table as if I’m using paper and pencil. I read a lot of PDF documents and I can highlight and write notes easier with the pencil.

Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil


Be sure to check out my previous gift guides for more ideas.

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