Tips For Organizing Your Family With A Smart Home Hub + Giveaway

TCL Xess Smart Home Hub

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Did you make a resolution to get your family organized this year? And here we are one month in and have you done that? I have a device that will help you get your family organized and stay organized.

The TCL Xess is perfect for the kitchen, the hub of your home and it’s so easy to use.

TCL Xess Smart Home Hub

5 Tips For Organizing Your Family

  1. Create calendars for each family member. Each person in my family has their own calendar and I color code them. I also have one for family, school, work and dance. That way I can look at my calendar and easily know who is doing what. My kids have access to their own calendar and the family calendar so they can make changes and it shows up on my calendar. The TCL Xess is an Android tablet, so I have access to the calendars. With Alexa built-in, I can also ask Alexa what my schedule is without having to touch the tablet.
  2. Plan meals in advance. I should create a calendar for this, but for the moment, I haven’t. But I do plan our dinners for the work week. I love the cooking app that gives installed on the Xess. I’m always looking for new recipes that my family will love. Many of the recipes come with videos that you can follow along. And since it’s built on Android, I downloaded some of my favorite cooking apps so I have a ton of resources for cooking.
  3. Weekly family planning meeting. That sounds so formal, but it doesn’t need to be. Every Sunday night, I make sure I talk with my family to see what they have planned for the week. Yes, we have the calendars, but this is the perfect time to work out those scheduling kinks like who will drive Megan to dance and pick up Nicky from TaeKwonDo. It’s a good way to connect with everyone at least once each week. The Xess has a handle that makes it easy to pick up and carry to another room.
  4. Weekly Shopping Trips. I make one weekly large grocery store trip. I have trained my family to use Alexa when we run out of something. We just say, “Alexa, add apples to the shopping list” and she does. When my husband and I head to the grocery store, we have the Alexa app on our phone and we have access to the list. Again, since Xess has the Amazon Alexa Voice Service built-in, I do not need another device in my kitchen.
  5. Create To Do List for each family member. My kids have weekly chores and of course we all have things we need to handle. I have created a to do list for each family member. Everyone can access their list on their phones and from our new home hub, TCL Xess. The best part is that I can ask Alexa to add an item to the list so I don’t have to touch the tablet or be near it.

BONUS: Have Fun! My husband is the one who adds the music to our home. It can be annoying, but it does make everything a bit more fun (don’t tell him I said that). The Xess has JBL speakers so instead of listening to my husband, we play music using apps on the Xess.

TCL Xess has built-in recipes, calendar and Alexa Voice Services.

Additional TCL Xess Features

  • The TCL Xess is a 17″ full HD Android tablet. You can download your favorite movie and TV streaming apps. I like to use my photos as the screen saver and my kids love watching all our old photos come up on the screen.
  • The TCL Xess comes with a remote camera. You can set it up in another room in your house and keep on eye on things while you are in the kitchen. If you have younger kids, this is AWESOME! Watch the baby sleeping or kids playing in another room. It’s that third eye that kids swear mom has. You can also download an app to your phone to have access to that remote camera from anywhere.

TCL Xess Bonus Remote Camera

  • You can turn lights on or off, open garage doors and any other smart home devices you have set up through Alexa. All from your kitchen.
  • It comes with a stylus and is easily stored behind the screen as seen in the picture below. You can also see the power and volume buttons.

Stylus on the back of the TCL Xess #TCLXess

With the TCL Xess, the kitchen is definitely the smart hub of your home.

TCL Xess Giveaway

TCL is providing one (1) of my lucky readers one (1) TCL Xess which includes the remote camera.

TCL Xess plus remote camera #Giveaway #TCLXess

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How do you keep your family organized? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • We stay organized by starting a group text message and letting each other know what’s going on for that evening.

  • Oh this is one area I want to work on for the new year! Organization! We use a calander to try to stay organized, and I make alot of paper lists!

  • is we write everything on a calendar and if one of us noticed that one of us has something to do we tell each other sometimes over and over ahahaha kids

  • I have to put all of our activities and any other dates that are important in my phone’s calendar and set reminders

  • My tip for organizing is having a shared calendar. I assign chores and list everything that is going on that day on the calendar.

  • We try to organize our family by preparing for the next day the night before. That includes making lunches, planning meals, picking out clothes, etc. We also have a dry erase board that we use for reminders and chores. We are always on the lookout for new ideas though!

  • We have a schedule board so everyone knows what their week looks like. We also have cubbies for the kids to keep supplies in for school.

  • I organize my family by using baskets in our laundry room for everyone’s stuff as well as posting a schedule in the kitchen.

  • I have a dry erase board that I keep on the refrigerator for my kids to see their daily classes and extracurricular activites. And then my husband and I use the online Cozi application to keep more detailed notes of all of the various activities and events throughout the year (vacations, weddings, parties, school events).

  • Tips for organizing my family? Oh boy! Let me get back to you on that after we move. After that we can actually get organized! 🙂

    The Xess looks very cool and would certainly help!


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