I Have Seen Stranger Things on Netflix; Have You? #StrangerThings

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I have seen Stranger Things on Netflix this summer. And boy was it strange!!

Stranger Things on Netflix. #streamteam

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, watch this trailer:

The show starts with four boys playing Dungeons & Dragons. When one of the boys disappears, the entire town searches for answers. There are so many conspiracy theories floating around and just as you think you’ve figured it all out, you haven’t! Twists & turns at every corner!

I can not watch anything scary or I’ll have nightmares, so I was not sure how this would turn out after watching Stranger Things. It is not scary at all. I LOVED it.

Not only did I love the plot, the characters, the acting was outstanding, but it takes place in the 1983. I saw things on the screen that we had in our house.

Now I’m totally bummed that I need to wait for season 2.

Stranger Things is DEFINITELY worth watching. My 13-year-old son watched it and loved it. If you have kids younger than 10, watch it first and decide whether they can watch it. Teens and up, definitely!

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Let me know what you thought!!

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