Mercalli EAsyWhen you are taking video of your kids, are you thinking, “I must stand really still because I need to stabilize the video?” I don’t know about your kids, but my kids move fast. If I’m taking video, there is a lot of movement and that includes my own arms. That shaky video is hard to watch later. It always makes me feel a little dizzy.

How to Stabilize Your Video

Mercalli Easy will stabilize your videos and it’s so easy. After you install the software, open it up and you will see this screen.

Drag the video you want to stabilize and drop it where you see, “Drop Video here” and Mercalli Easy will stabilize your video. Depending on the size of your file, it may take a bit of time for the software to stabilize your video.

stabilize your video mercalli easy

Mercalli Easy is stabilizing the video.

Before and After Video Stabilization

The best way to show you how well this software works, is to show you. I took this video at the Microsoft store and I was trying to get a view of my kids in the store. They were all over so I just panned the store. Well, that isn’t the smoothest way to get video. I took the video with my iPhone and shaky arm.

Before Mercalli Easy

After Mercalli Easy

Play both at the same time and you’ll notice the difference.

Easy Editing

Once you have stabilized your video, you can use Mercalli Easy to convert the video into another format.

I also have many iPhone photos that I took portrait, but when I view the video it’s in landscape mode so it’s on its side. Mercalli Easy will turn the video from landscape to portrait.

Need to shorten a 2 minute video of your kids riding up and down the street? You can easily do that with Mercalli Easy.

Stabilize Your Video

Mercalli Easy is available for download from their website for $14.95 right now. If you want to test it out first, download the trial software. Remember, you focus on taking the video and Mercalli Easy will stabilize your video for you. Follow Mercalli Easy on Facebook.

Mercalli Easy stabilize your videoLet’s Talk About Taking Video!

Do you take a lot of video? Do you need to stabilize your video?