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Every October during Fire Prevention Week, I’m transported back to Brookfield, WI where I grew up. I can remember standing outside Swanson Elementary School with all the fire trucks lined up and learning about fire prevention. Stop, Drop & Roll!! I still remember.

Sparky & The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarm App for iOS and Android: app for kids to learn fire safety

Fire prevention has always been important to me because I have watched 2 houses go up in flames in my lifetime. One when I was about 4 and I still remember it well and another when I was an adult with kids of my own. I know it can happen to anyone, even if you are prepared.

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Sparky and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms

Kids of all ages need to know what to in a fire. Having a plan is key to making it out of a house during a fire.

Sparky App - Case of the Missing Smoke Alarm

The best way to teach kids is when they are having fun. The Sparky and The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms app has several ways to teach your kids. Either a book, game or video and is on iTunes (for iPhones) and Google Play (for Android.)

Interactive Book. The book is more than just a book. If your child is too young to read, they can follow along. While looking through the book, you are looking for clues and fire safety tips.

The book is very interactive and keeps the kids engaged. My kids weren’t sure they were going to like the book (they are 10 and 11,) but once they got started, they competed to see who could find the most tips. They both found them all.

fire safety book

At the end of the book are questions for kids, parents and teachers and resources to continue the fire safety talk.

Game. The game looks easy, but even I found it challenging. You collect batteries to power the smoke alarms and have to answer math problems to move ahead.

Sparky fire prevention educational game

Video. This music video was hilarious. My kids had a blast dancing and laughing along with the video. It was one of those silly kids videos that you can’t help but love and the tune is so catchy, you’ll be singing it long after the video is over.

Sparky fire safety video

The real goal of these apps to offer age appropriate information and a place for parents to start a conversation. I know this app got my kids to ask questions and I realized we had not had the “fire safety meet up” place talk in some time. We planned a place to meet and decided to talk more about it at our next family dinner.

To continue the conversation, you will find a ton of great resources at the Sparky Schoolhouse site for parents.

Does your family have a plan in place if you have  fire? Do you have working smoke alarms in your house?

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