Sony VAIO AMD Fusion pinkHave you seen the Sony VAIO with AMD Fusion chip? It is a small lightweight laptop which packs a lot of punch. I spend a lot of time away from my computer so I carry a laptop with me just about everywhere. I can feel the difference in the weight of my purse when I started carrying around the Sony VAIO with AMD Fusion.

The addition of the AMD Fusion chip took the Sony VAIO laptop to a new level.

What I love about this laptop with AMD Fusion technology…

1. Weight. The Sony VAIO with AMD Fusion is so light. It weighs a little less than 3.25 lbs. The AMD Fusion chip combines three components into one therefore the laptop weighs less.

2. Battery Life. I’m a power user and I often have a video processing while I’m working on a document with pictures. The AMD Fusion chip is so efficient that your battery lasts longer. I am getting about 5.5 hours of battery life depending on what I am doing. That is significantly more than the 1.5 – 2 hours I was getting on all my previous laptops.

Sony VAIO Y Series

Press Picture from Sony

3. Speed. When I’m working with video and pictures, I spend less time waiting for the computer to finish processing. That is definitely a plus.

4. Less Heat & Noise.  The AMD Fusion chip runs a lot cooler than any laptop I’ve ever used. I don’t need to put an extra fan underneath my laptop (which also takes more power and battery life from my laptop.)

5. Quality of Graphics. I process a lot of pictures for my blog and for scrapbooking and watch a lot of movies and TV on my laptop. I had no problems with the quality of the video on the Sony VAIO with AMD Fusion. It has an AMD Mobility Radeon™ HD 6310.

6. Size. The laptop is so small and thin. You can see the specs in the picture above. Even though it is small, it is still very powerful.

Here are a few of the exciting features:

  • 11.6″ LED backlit widescreen
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Full size keyboard on a small laptop
  • Built in camera and microphone
  • Slot for Memory Stick Pro Duo & SD memory card

The Sony VAIO with AMD Fusion chip definitely is not lacking in features. If you are looking for a new laptop, I recommend you look at the Sony VAIO with AMD Fusion technology. While it definitely is functional, the Sony VAIO Y Series comes in silver and pink so it is also very pretty! The Sony VAIO Y Series retail price starts at $499.

Sony VAIO y series

You can read more about the AMD Fusion chip in my post, What is An AMD Fusion Chip and Why Should You Care?

AMD Disclosure: As an AMD Mom, I receive the product in exchange for reviews. As always my review of the Sony VAIO with AMD Fusion is 100% my own.