sony cyber-shot tx20 featured shotDo you often wish you had one camera that you could carry with you all the time AND will take awesome pictures anywhere? Pool? Soccer? Family Room? Park?

Yes, we all carry our phones with us and they are good in a pinch, but as the Family Memory Officer, I want quality photos all the time and anywhere. My answer?

The Sony Cyber-shot TX20! Sponsored Post.

Sony cyber-shot tx20WARNING: This post is photo intensive, so it make take a bit longer to load, but it is well worth the wait to see the awesome photos taken with this camera.

Sony Cyber-Shot TX20 Details

I’m going to give you a quick run down of some of the features, but you can go to the TX20 page and read about all the features.

  • 16 MP
  • Full HD video 1080/60i
  • Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
  • Slim & compact
  • Steadyshot
  • 3D shots & panorama
  • Auto & manual modes
  • Plenty of Photo Effects & Creativity
  • 3″ touchscreen

…..and much more!

Sample Photos

Ultimately, all the features in the world are great, but how well does the camera take photos in different places? Let’s look at sample photos that I have taken in the last few months. I put this camera to the test…..

NOTE: All of these photos are untouched. I changed the size so they would load quicker and fit in the page.

Cyber-shot TX20 at Blogging Events

As a Sony Mom, I was given the Sony Cyber-shot TX20 at the Sony Moms event. Here are a few of the photos I took.

#sonymoms cyber-shot tx20

Taken at the Sony Photo Moms event in July, 2012.

sony cybershot tx20

Taken in the airport in San Diego. I was stuck overnight when they canceled my flight. This camera makes even the chairs look pretty at the airport.

sonymoms sony cybershot tx20

I took this gorgeous photo through the window at the San Diego airport just as the sun was rising over my airplane which would finally take me home after spending all night in the airport. Such a glorious view for so many reasons.

sony cybershot tx20

I spent much of my flight home playing with the camera. There weren’t a lot of things to take photos of, so I used what I could. I took this photo using the Partial Color Picture Effect. This wasn’t done in Photoshop….it’s straight from the camera.

airplane shot sony cyber-shot t20

And this shot was taken from the airplane (through the window) as we were getting closer to DC.

Sony TX20 Around The House

The photo taking fun did not end at the Sony Moms event, I used the Sony TX20 to capture some of the moments of my family’s lives.

sony cybershot tx20

I’m working hard while the cat sleeps.

Action shots of sony cyber-shot tx20

My daughter and I love to play Just Dance and this shot was taken mid dance. Even though my daughter is moving, the action was captured and the screen looks clear. It as taken in the basement where the lighting is horrible and it still turned out.

Sony TX20 On Vacation

When I am on vacation, I want to take photos of everything and I don’t want to worry about whether the photos are going to turn out. The Sony Cyber-shot TX20 was perfect for our family Hawaii vacation.

I stuck it in my pocket or purse and I always had it with me. We spent a LOT of time in the water or at the beach. Because it is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, I had no problem turning the camera over to my kids. Usually I spend more time protecting my camera than enjoying the beach, but not on this vacation.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding….here is the pudding…

sony cyber-shot tx20

This shot and the next 2 were taken from the plane through the window as we were circling around the island to land.

airplane shot of Hawaii from sony tx20

another shot from the plane… We were flying into Honolulu, Hawaii.

plane photos

Last shot taken as we were getting ready to land.

sony tx20

This is a shot of Waikiki Beach from a boat ride we took. I love the colors the Sony Cyber-shot TX20 captures.

The Sony Cyber-shot TX20 has a very simple to use panorama mode. You hold down the shutter button and move the camera in the direction you want to take the panorama shot. In this case, it was from left to right. Look how awesome that is…

panorama shot from the sony cybershot tx20

Panorama shot taken from the boat. That is Diamond Head on the right.

Diamond head from sony cyber-shot tx20

Another shot of Diamond Head from the boat. The landscape photos are so gorgeous. This was taken from a very fast-moving boat too.

filter samples cybershot tx20

I played around with a lot of the Picture Effects built into the camera. Here are a few examples.

sony cybershot tx20

Another example of the Partial Color Picture Effect.

sony tx20

I wish I was here now…

kids using sony cyber-shot tx20

Here is a photo my 8 yr old daughter took of herself. I love this shot because it looks so much like her. She was so happy I let her “play” with the camera. She may have her finger in the shot, but other than that….the shot is perfect. She didn’t need anything fancy to get the shot. She just pressed the button. It’s that easy.

And of course the kids had to test the camera underwater. Why is it that even under water, they have to make faces when they take photos? This was in a pool at night using flash. I love the way the bubbles are caught in the shot.

underwater tx20

And this was taken in the pool during the day…

This next shot is not taken with the Sony Cyber-shot TX20, but I wanted to show you that we really did take the camera underwater….

sony cyber-shot tx20 underwater

yes, it really is waterproof…

sony cybershot tx20

My younger kids on the boat. This was before the fast ride began so they are still calm. The TX20 does a great job of capturing their faces close-up while keeping the water behind them looking very blue too.

sony tx20

Taken from our balcony at the hotel. I would love to wake up to this view every day.

panoramic shot from sony cybershot tx20

We climbed Diamond Head and I took this panoramic shot with the TX20. I think this shot is going to be blown up and put in my office. That is overlooking Waikiki Beach.

rainbow cybershot tx20

Caught this rainbow after a really quick rain near sunset. I wasn’t sure the photo would turn out because the lighting was odd and it was so far away. I am so pleased with this photo.

And last but not least….a sunset photo from Waikiki Beach…

beach sunset shot sony tx20

Only one word….gorgeous!!!

Now you have seen the proof that this camera takes awesome photos anywhere at anytime. This is the camera that is now in my purse all the time. The photos from our Hawaii trip convinced me that the camera was purse-worthy! It replaced the Sony Cyber-shot WX9.

Few Last Comments on the TX20!

Battery – I do have a back-up battery just in case, but I did not have to use it while we were in Hawaii. Each night, I recharged the battery and it lasted throughout the day.

Simple to Use – It is so easy to get awesome photos. Most of the time I left the camera on auto, but play around with the different filters and settings because you can get some really interesting results. Because the camera has a touchscreen, it is easy to get to the different settings. you don’t have to remember which buttons gets you where..

Colors – The Cyber-shot TX20 comes in several different colors. I love the orange. Seriously…having a camera in the color you like makes perfect sense to me. It is also stylish in orange, green, blue, pink and black with matching cases.

Carrying Case– The TX20 has a matching carrying case in the same colors as the camera. the case is also waterproof and can be clipped on your purse, backpack or belt loop.

sony cybershot tx20 carrying case

The matching carrying case.


Disclosure: As a member of Sony Moms, I receive product and trip sponsorships in exchange for my participation. No monetary compensation was given for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Let’s Talk About the Sony Cyber-shot TX20!

What do you think about the photos above? Who is the Family Memory Officer in your family? How are you capturing your family’s memories?

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