This week’s So Kodak Sunday moment is not of my kids. It’s what my hubby gets me when he knows I need a special treat.

This is the ultimate treat. I have been really sick lately (post coming this week) and I can’t really eat much, BUT when I do finally break down and eat something I go for this. Why? Because if I’m going to risk being in pain over food, it better be something that tastes REALLY good… And I don’t want to forget it which is why it’s my So Kodak Sunday moment this week.

So Kodak Sunday DQ Blizzard Treat

This past week was our 16th Anniversary and instead of taking me out for some really expensive meal where we’d have to get all dressed up, he took me to Diary Queen. He knows me so well. The Dairy Queen Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard was AWESOME!!

It’s moment like this…eating a DQ Blizzard with my husband on our 16th Anniversary that I want to remember.

I also wanted to share this picture because I am trying to work right now, but my cat wants attention. LOL! She doesn’t look happy with me!

SrappinMIchele Cat So Kodak Sunday moment

Tell me about a So Kodak Sunday moment from last week.