I’ve used Skype to keep in touch with my family since my oldest was born (and he is now 17.) Participating in the Skype sponsored campaign with Circle of Moms was my opportunity to share my story.

Denis’ Story

But, before I tell my story, I’d like to share a story of Denis who was able to take a family photo via Skype.

I would never have thought to get a family photo using the Skype software, but what a creative way to get a family photo.

My Skype Story

When my son was 18 months, we moved from Virginia to Wisconsin right after Thanksgiving and all of our family was back in Virginia. We were worried that Christmas was going to be very lonely with just the 3 of us and all the grandparents so far away. But, instead, we connected with the grandparents via Skype.

We had the computer at the dinner table and ate our Christmas meal with my parents. Our family had sent our gifts earlier, so we brought the computer into the living room and continued talking and sharing while opening our gifts. My son was able to see his grandparents and the grandparents saw him open his presents. It made a big difference for us because it was the first time we were away from family at Christmas.

Since then, we kept in touch with many of our family members using Skype. When my husband travels, we stay in touch via Skype and the kids love telling Dad all about their day.

Connecting Families

For me, the best part about using the Skype software to stay connected with family is that we can see and hear the person. Seeing their face and expressions makes a big difference when communicating. The software is available on so many platforms including mobile phones, so we find it the easiest way to stay connected as a busy family.

Learn more about Denis and the impossible family portrait at Skype Stay together


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