5 Easy Steps to Sell Your Phone on eBay #SellMyPhone #Spon

#SellMyPhone on eBay

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#SellMyPhone on eBay

Want to buy the newest cell phone, but your contract isn’t up? Yeah, me too! Instead of trading it in, sell your phone on eBay to pay for the new phone. (Disclosure: My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay.)

Sell Your Samsung Galaxy on eBay

Samsung just announced the newest Galaxy S5 and I’m considering purchasing it. I’ll show you how you can sell your old Samsung Galaxy cell phone to buy a new Galaxy phone.

Before I go on to the 5 steps, let’s talk about why eBay is a good place to sell your phone. Did you know that every 4 seconds a cell phone is sold on eBay? That’s a heck of a lot of phones. That means a lot of buyers are heading to eBay to look for a great deal on a cell phone.

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And...every 22 seconds a Samsung cell phone is sold on eBay! Now, let’s sell your old Samsung Galaxy phone.

5 Easy Steps

When selling a used phone, I like to take a photo of the phone as is with today’s date showing. Here is how I take good photos.

take photos to sellmyphone on eBay

I use a white tri-fold board in front of a window when taking photos.

1. Head over to the eBay Sell Your Phone page. Here you will find information on removing personal information from your cell phone. It’s very important that you remove all your personal information from the phone before you send it to the buyer.

2. Next, click on Samsung, then choose the Samsung family of your phone such as the Galaxy S4. You will also need your model number. Click on “Which model do I own?” if you are unsure.

3. You will continue following along and answering all the questions including color, size, condition and price.

4. Then you will need to log in to eBay to finish.

5. The last step is to add the photos you took and finish the form with item specifics, any bundled items, shipping information, details you’d like to add, PayPal information and then click “List it.

Sell Your Samsung Galaxy phone on eBay

That’s it! You are done!

I #SellMyPhone on Ebay Too!

I have done this process of selling my old Samsung Galaxy phone on eBay to buy the newest Galaxy phone 3 times in the last 3 years. Each time the process was easy and I was able to buy the new phone on the day it came out. That made me a very happy geek!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of eBay. All opinions & experiences are my own.

What is the next phone you want to buy? Will you sell your phone on eBay? Have you ever sold a phone on eBay? Share your experience. If not, head over to #SellMyPhone on eBay to see how easy it is.

Let me know what you thought!!

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