Samsung’s SH100 camera s taking a trip from coast to coast across the USA in the month of May. I’m really excited about watching this campaign as the Samsung SH100 makes its way from Los Angeles to New York City.

Samsung SH100

With Mother’s Day being this month, I know there will be a lot of mothers who are capturing their kids home-made treasures they received. You might see a few of them on the Coast to Coast Photo Post.

Coast to Coast Photo Post Campaign

The Samsung mobile team will be taking the Samsung SH100 to many fascinating places and handing the camera to people (like you and me maybe) along the way. If you get the camera, you take pictures and videos and the best will be shared on the Samsung USA Facebook page. Your picture could win you a trip to New York City. Here is a quick video to explain the Coast to Cost Photo Post Campaign:


Samsung SH100 Camera Features

The Samsung SH100 was chose because this is the perfect camera for sharing adventures on-the-go. Here are a few of the features:

  • compact
  • WiFi-enabled
  • instantly share across your social networks
  • use your Android® powered Galaxy S™ as a remote control for the camera
  • very simple to use
  • automatically find your PC and download your latest pictures

If you got a gift certificate on Mother’s Day just waiting to be used, check out Samsung SH100. With its simple features, auto back-up and easy sharing features, this will make a Mom’s life a little easier (at least in the picture-taking, history preserving, story-telling department.)

Don’t forget to “Like” the Samsung USA Facebook page and follow the Samsung SH100 on its Coast-to-Coast Photo Post journey. Pictures are uploaded daily. Follow the timeline to see where the Samsung SH100 has been and see the pictures.

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Let’s Talk About the Samsung SH100!