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Kids Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5; Let Your Kids Play

Have you ever had your kid call China on your cell phone? Or they called your boss? Or they used up data or minutes playing around? You don’t know the damage until you receive the bill. It’s happened to me! Samsung knows that we use our phones to entertain our kids, so they’ve added a Kids Mode to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

kids mode on samsung galaxy 25

Using Kids Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5

You click on the Kids Mode icon as seen above. The first time you open it up, you will be asked to set a PIN. You need that PIN to out of Kids Mode and back into your phone. That way your kids won’t “accidentally” turn off Kids Mode.

Set your PIN on the Kids Mode in Samsung Galaxy S5

Once you get into the Kids Mode, you have a main screen, where you can choose parental control.

Main Kids Mode screen

From there, you can:

  • See what activities your kids are doing
  • Set a daily playtime limit
  • Add or remove applications your kids access from Kids Mode
  • Add media your kids can see from Kids Mode. You can let them see only the photos or videos they create or add other albums that are on your phone.
  • Change settings
  • Access the Kids Store which is a kid friendly section of the Samsung Apps Store. You can purchase or download apps just for kids.

Once you add apps to the Kids Mode, the main screen will look like this. This is what your kids see when they go to Kids Mode.

Kids Mode with applications

Samsung has some built in apps that are very easy for little fingers to use. All of the icons near the bottom with the eyes are just in the Kids Mode. The green icon with the camera takes you to this camera app where kids can take photos and video with very simply and colorful icons and features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode camera

The blue icon with the open mouth is an app to record sounds. It’s kind of fun for kids to record silly stuff and listen to it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode Sound Recording app

If you swipe to the right, you’ll get another screen with a clock and if you tap on the alligator, he does and says stuff to your kid.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode

Another nice feature is that if there is an emergency, you can have easy access to the emergency dialer from the parental PIN page. The orange phone icon is the emergency dialer. You get to this screen by clicking on the door in the lower right of the main screen. This is also how you get out of the Kids Mode and back to your apps.

Add your Parental PIN - Emergency dialer

Because you can add apps from the Kids Store, your kids will not get bored with the same old apps. There are a lot of free choices available. The Samsung S5 is also dust and water-resistant, which is a feature that is necessary in a phone that may have kids hands all over it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is water and dust resistant

My only suggestion is to buy a case that will protect the phone should your kids drop it. We all know that is bound to happen. This is a phone that you will have no problem letting your kids use because you can control what they see and they can’t access all of your apps!!

Disclosure: I received the Samsung Galaxy S5 to for this post. All opinions are my own.