For the last month, I’ve been testing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I love it! It’s that simple. I really do love it. I’ll go through the features that I love the most.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Size & Weight

The Galaxy Note 4 may be a large cell phone at 5.7″, but it fits perfectly in my hand (and I have small hands.) I hate when a phone is so small and I have to type on it. I can’t grab it well with both hands to type. Typing on the Note 4 is easy. At only 6.21 oz, it is very light. Easy to carry on you all day.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4S Pen

The S Pen isn’t new, but it’s still awesome. It’s not the same as just buying a digital pen to use with your phone. The S Pen has software built into the Note 4 to enhance the features. Just click on the button while near the screen with the pen and a menu will pop up. I love being able to easily grab a portion of the screen, write some notes and save.

You can also write notes on the back of photos with the S Pen. Great for scrapbookers!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with S Pen

The Screen

The screen is beautiful. Very bright & vivid colors, sharp and clear, and when you look at photos or watch video, they look beautiful. That is because the screen is Super AMOLED® and the resolution is 2560 x 1440.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


For me, the camera is very important. As a scrapbooker, I take a lot of photos and my phone is always with me, so I need an awesome camera. The Note 4 has an awesome camera. The front is 3.7mp so your selfies will look good too. The back is 16mp which is what a lot of the really good cameras are nowadays. That is perfect for taking everyday photos of your family.

camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4Fast Charging

I HATE HATE HATE running low on my battery. And when I do, I want to charge it up very quickly. The charger that comes with the Note 4 is a fast charger and will charge up 50% faster.
Fast charging Samsung Galaxy Note 4
 I had both the Note 2 & 3 and LOVED them both. The Note 4 isn’t drastically different from the Note 3, but the features I mentioned above make it worth an upgrade.
Disclosure: I received the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for this review, however I did return it because it was for Verizon and I have AT&T. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.