Samsung CES 2012; Pushing Boundaries

Samsung booth CES 2012

Samsung CES 2012

The Samsung CES 2012 booth.

Samsung booth CES 2012

Samsung CES 2012 booth

Samsung CES 2012 Press Conference

I LOVED the Samsung CES 2012 press conference. It got me really excited about all their new products (and sad that I can not see them in person) Because it was such a spectacular s show and it’s on YouTube, so I’m including a link to the full press conference. Here is a 10 minute recap that includes the highlights.

Here is my recap of the Samsung CES 2012 technology that will enhance your life.

Samsung is Pushing Boundaries

  • In November, Samsung sold an average of 2 TVs per second.
  • Make consumers life Simpler, Smarter & More Enjoyable (Sound like my tag line, “Technology to Enhance Your Life”)
  • Samsung has a wide array of devices that connect and the TV is the hub of this ecosystem.
  • Smart Interaction – Samsung TV will be able to Listen, See & Do without touching a remote control.
  • Smart Content – Share photos, notes, memories from TV and personal devices. Access educational & health content. TV that understands your needs.
  • Smart Evolution – TV is future-proofed. Smart TV will get smarter every year and you won’t need to buy a new one every year. Make your TV new every year. Faster, better, more content.

Samsung Future-Proof

This is cool. You know how you buy a TV and you are so excited, you get it home and then you see a commercial on that very TV with all the new TVs that are coming out (which of course drops the price of the TV you just bought.) TVs were a product you would buy and expect to own for many years. It was a major piece of furniture and we’ve got away from that. Well, Samsung is bringing that idea back with future-proof TVs. Watch the video to see how it works.

Content, Service & Connectivity is basis for their cross-platform devices.

[CES 2012] Samsung’s Press Conference at CES 2012: "Pushing the Boundaries"

Samsung CES 2012 Press Conference

ES8000 LED Smart TV

  • Beautiful, powerful LED TV
  • Dual-core processor is faster and can multi-task. Can have 2 apps open at once
  • Smart hub is one screen for apps & content.
  • Slim bezel & matching U-Shaped stand
  • Large as 75 ” with an integrated camera for video conferencing and motion control.

This Samsung TV will look beautiful in any family room!

Smart Content

  • Purchase your content for one device and watch it on all devices (love this!)
  • More premium content available.
  • More 3D devices available and Samsung helping to offer more 3D content
  • Angry Birds available on Samsung large screens & Angry Birds animated on-demand channel

Samsung Family Story

  • Upload photos, videos & memos direct from devices to the TV
  • workout videos, sync to wireless scale & sync to app on smart phone
  • Kids – recommends content for kids and parents can track what kids are watching
  • Each family member can log into their profile with facial recognition

This is exciting. This fulfills many of my tech needs. I workout at home and I’m always looking for new ways to find workouts and track my progress. My kids are also always looking for new shows and I love that parents can track what the kids are watching.

Samsung 55″ Super OLED 3D TV

Best of Innovations 2012 CES


  • Sharing without wires is what is important now
  • Connectivity is easier with Samsung’s allshare play
  • You can Capture moments, wirelessly uploads to PC or TV and can be access on the Smart TV at Grandpa’s house.

Samsung SMART Camera & Camcorder

  • Remote viewfinder app & control camera from your smart phone
  • Link camera to phone or tablet
  • Auto backup uploads photos to your PC automatically
  • E-mail pictures straight from the camera
[CES 2012] Samsung Revolutionizes Travel Photography with Wi-Fi Enabled Long-Zoom Series

Samsung CES 2012 Camera

I’m curious about the Samsung cameras. I have never used one. Anyone have a Samsung camera? What are your thoughts?

Smart Appliances

Galaxy Note

  • 4G version LTE AT&T
  • 5.4 HD Super AMOLED screen
  • S Pen is more than a stylus with 256 levels of pressure sensitivity. Writes just like pen & paper.
  • Calendar, S Memo, Secure

This looks like so much fun!! There really is a Samsung tablet in just about any size you wish.

Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T CES 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note with Stylus CES 2012


Galaxy Tab 7.7

  • Can be transformed into a remote for all your devices
  • LTE on Verizon
  • Super AMOLED Plus display
  • Integrated infrared technology

Notebook Series 9

  • Weighs 2.5 lbs and is 1/2 inch thick
  • Single shell aluminum body that resists fingerprints
  • SuperBright Plus screen
  • Auto Backlit keyboard
  • Boots up 9,8 seconds and wakes in 1.4 seconds
  • Battery lasts up to 10 hours
  • 15 inch Max Screen technology

I’ve been drooling over this Ultrabook all week. It looks gorgeous.

Series 9 Monitor

  • Built in calibration engine
  • More than 1 Billion colors
  • Edge to edge tempered glass
  • All connections in the base of the display

Very sleek-looking Samsung monitor. This would definitely enhance an office!

Samsung series 9 LED Monitor BackSeries 5 UltraBook

  • 14″ Super Bright
  • DVD Drive
Samsung Notebook Series 5 CES 2012

Samsung CES 2012 - Notebook Series 5

That is all the really cool technology from Samsung. Remember, to use technology to enhance your life.

Let’s Talk About Samsung CES 2012!

Which of these products are you the most excited about? I can’t wait to get my hands on any of it. 😀

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Photos are press pictures.


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  • Hi Michele, Awesome post and eye glittering pics of gadgets. The Samsung have brought some revolutionary gadgets in the market during the recent past. The Samsung Galaxy S2 and series 8 LED’s are top sellers. I am too excited for upcoming stuff from their side.

      • The Samsung Galaxy Note is a brilliant gadget, I love it more than the iPad mainly coz I think iPad is expensive (read-Paid Apps)…where as the Android market has so many good apps for free and even the paid ones aren’t that costly.And yeah I would love to see the Galaxy 3 too 🙂

  • there are many cool thing in that event, The hottest techno event in world, I hope Samsung Galaxy S 3 released soon 😀

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