I am always finding apps, online tools, software and other tidbits of geeky information that I think you will find helpful or at least interesting. I’ve been collecting this information in hopes that I will find the time to write up a lengthy review post some day. Well, guess what, I never find the time.

Instead of letting all that awesome information collect dust in my mail folder, I’ve decided to start a “Daily Geek Find” column. Each day I will bring you at least one of my geek finds. I won’t write up a big review, but instead I will tell you what the tool does and how it will enhance your life.  I will give you the option to give it a thumbs up or thumbs down also. If you find cool stuff, let me know.

And today is day one of my Daily Geek Find and I had a hard time deciding which tool to show you first. I finally decided to show you a tool for your email that I use every day.


Rapportive shows you more about the person(s) emailing you. Rapportive shows you the social networking accounts that are associated with their email address. You can add them as a friend on Facebook or LinkedIn right from your email. I can see their last few Twitter updates, Facebook updates, Klout & Peer Index all from my email.

Here is a screen print of what mine looks like. If you are a Rapportive user, you can also update what is shown.

Daily Geek Find - RapportiveThat is what is shown to the right of my open email in Gmail. Rapportive works in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Mailplane.

What do you think? Awesome or not?