How many times have you heard, “How many more days until Christmas?” in the last few weeks? In our house it’s a daily question. Those are words I dread. The holidays are a lot of fun, but for adults, it can be stressful.

You know how it goes…spend your days working hard and your nights holiday shopping, baking cookies and oh yeah…dinner! Dinner is always the last thing I’m thinking about, although it should be the first.

give em ragu long days of childhood

Ragu recognizes that sometimes the “Long Days of Childhood” leave moms and dads struggling for a good meal.

Ragu has created a Give ’em Ragu app which is available for Android, iOS and on Facebook. This app lets you create a cute little commercial starring your family. My kids helped me with this video.

My kids have had a fun time creating many many Ragu videos. It’s so easy. You can either pull in a video you already have or create a new 15 second video. Then describe what is going on and VOILA!! A new video. That’s it. You can upload to YouTube right from the app.

Be sure to check it out!

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