ps vita & gamesThe PS Vita does so much more than just play games. I have had my PS Vita for a month now and I use it for a lot more than games. My kids love it as a gaming machine, I love it as a fun machine.

PS Vita Fun

Check Facebook 

My kids love to take the PS Vita and check their Facebook as you can see below. That is not my Facebook account. HMMMM!! Gotcha Sami!

check facebook on ps vita

Check Twitter

This is my Twitter account, thankfully!

Twitter on PS Vita

Listen to Music

I can get access to the music from my PS Vita or my PS3.

listen to music on ps vita

Watch Netflix

You need a Netflix account to get access to the streaming content.

watch netflix on ps vita

Take Pictures

You can take pictures with the front or back camera & make fun picture creations.

Take Pictures on ps vita

Access Flickr on PS Vita

I can see my photos or my friends.

flickr on ps vita

Skype on PS Vita

This is tons of fun.

skype on ps vita

Maps on PS Vita

The maps on the PS Vita are so much fun to look at.

maps on ps vitaPS Store

This is where I get all my new movies, TV, music (and games.)

watch movies on ps vita

See, the PS Vita is an all around really awesome fun machine. I keep mine by my bed and when my husband is watching his fishing shows, I have access to my own movies and TV (or I can figure out where the closest spa is on the map so that while he fishes, I’m getting my form of relaxation.)

PS Vita fun

Disclosure: I received the PS Vita and games because I am a PS Family Ambassador. All opinions are 100% my own.