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How many devices do you have connected to the Internet in your home? I didn’t think it was many, but it turns out we have over 50 devices. That is 50+ devices that if left unprotected could be infected with a virus or give a hacker access to personal information. How do you protect all your devices? With a smart firewall like CUJO and it’s available at Best Buy.

Protect all your devices with CUJO, a smart firewall. You will be protected from outside threats and viruses on all your connected devices in your connected home. Available at Best Buy. #CUJO


Protect All Your Devices

You probably have antivirus protection on your computer and maybe even your phones, but what about your baby monitor? Or your TV, wireless speakers, or any other WiFi connected devices in your home? They are all vulnerable to outside attacks too.

Project all your devices with CUJO, a smart firewall. Available at Best Buy. #CUJO

Setting Up Your CUJO

Anytime you have to deal with your network, it can be scary and setting up CUJO is no different. The CUJO app walks you through the process step by step.

Setting up your CUJO

From connecting the CUJO to setting up the app. CUJO is with you every step of the way.

Setting up your CUJO

There was one thing that made CUJO stand out. When you sign up, you can give them your phone number and after we set up CUJO, they called us to be sure it was set up correctly and asked if we had any questions.

Setting up your CUJO

Fortunately, within 10 minutes, CUJO was installed on our network and protecting all our devices, but it was nice to get the call.

CUJO Parental Controls

Another great feature (and my favorite) is the parental controls. I have adult children and teens in my house. I need different settings for each of their devices. CUJO gives you the option to set up different settings for each user. You can assign devices to different users.

CUJO Parental Controls

CUJO Features

Here are a few of the CUJO features:

  • Protects all your devices in your home
  • Gives your home business level protection
  • Connects to your router and you control the settings with your CUJO app
  • Sends you alerts when CUJO blocks a threat
  • Control the sites your children access from all their devices
  • No monthly fees

It’s important that you make the security of your devices a priority. Protect all your devices before you get hacked or a virus finds its way into your home. Don’t assume it will never happen to you.

Are you protecting your devices in your home? What is your biggest fear about connecting your devices to the Internet?

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