Must See Project Mc2 on Netflix #StreamTeam #SmartGirl

Project Mc2 Netflix #StreamTeam

This is a Netflix #StreamTeam sponsored post. 

As I was writing this post, I had a change of heart. I started writing about shows on Netflix to watch to get back into the school swing of things. I was watching Project Mc2 while writing this and decided this show needs a post of its own.

Project Mc2 Netflix #StreamTeam

What is Project Mc2?

Project Mc2 is a TV mini-series on netflix. There are three episodes on Netflix. It is about four super smart girls who join NOV8, a spy organization. The show has science, technology, engineering, arts and mail.

Here is a quick trailer:

Doesn’t that look like fun? How cool would it have been to be a spy when you were a tween? I have a tween girl and she would love it.

S.T.E.M. Role Models

I love Project Mc2 because these girls remind me of any tween girl you will find in middle school and they are super smart and love science, technology, engineering and math. #GirlPower

Project Mc2 Netflix #StreamTeam

I want my daughters to know that science and technology is not just for boys.

Project Mc2 Netflix #StreamTeam

These four girls take selfies, love clothes, do experiments, are spies, hang out with their friends and are BFFs.

Project Mc2 Netflix #StreamTeam


I watch with my tween daughter and she thought it was different. She liked it and wished there were more than three episodes. She said she could relate to the girls and liked that they were smart and loved science.

Project Mc2 Netflix #StreamTeam


So, grab your favorite tweens and watch Project Mc2. It’s definitely worth the time. Tween girls need to see more role models like these four on TV. They don’t even have a boy sidekick. Just the four girls.

Project Mc2 Netflix #StreamTeam

More info about Project Mc2:

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I receive a monthly subscription in exchange for my monthly posts. All opinions are my own. 

Netflix Stream Team #streamteam #spon


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