Preserve 3D Objects In Your Family Scrapbooks (& More Projects) #GoMakeThings #SproutByHP

Scanning a shell 3D design

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Preserve your family's 3D objects with 3D scanner on Sprout By HP #GoMakeThings #SproutByHP #Sponsored

Do you have a shelf in your home that looks something like the above photo? With 4 kids, I have several shelves like that. I’m always moving objects around to get to the books I want. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could capture those objects (and more) and keep them? Even add them to your digital scrapbook pages? (See how I did this at the end of the post.)

3D scanning with the Sprout by HP #GoMakeThings #SproutByHP #Sponsored

Sprout by HP

Sprout by HP is a one of a kind all-in-one desktop computer. I purchased my Sprout a few months ago and it has changed the way I scrapbook. Heck, it’s changed the way I do everything especially related to graphics. 

Sprout by HP 3D Scanner

 3D on Sprout by HP

The one thing that excites me the most about the Sprout is its 3D scanner capabilities. I’ve tried scanning a 3D object on my 2D scanner and you get a weird flat picture. It doesn’t work.

Scanning an art project by my son using the Sprout by HP 3D Scanner stage. #GoMakeThings #SproutByHP #Sponsored

But, the 3D desktop on the Sprout will capture your object in 3D. You can turn it all around and upside down and see what it looks like from all sides.

 The process of making the 3D design is a lot of fun. Instead of describing it to you, I made a quick 40 second time-lapse video of the process. I love watching how the object takes shape on the screen with each scan.

Wasn’t that cool?

What To Do With a 3D Object

Now that I got the how out of the way, why would you want to create a 3D object? As I mentioned above, kids art projects are one example. Having a 3D model is a lot better than a picture. Let’s face it, we can’t keep every art project from every kid forever. But it is cool to preserve the project. You never know when they might become a famous sculptor and that art project may be worth millions!

3D image of an art project after being scanned in 3D

The 3D scan of my son’s art project.

Ok, maybe it would just be fun to show them the projects when they are 40 and show your grandchildren.

Other ideas:

  • Create a 3D design of all the vacation objects you collect (shells, bracelets, etc.)
  • If you have small things around your house that may have sentimental value, but you don’t really want to keep them anymore, create a 3D scan of the image. You can also share with other family members too.
  • Create a 3D scan of your child’s hand every year on their birthday.
  • Add 3D scans to digital scrapbook pages.
  • Lego toys. My kids will get a new Lego, create the toy and then eventually the pieces come apart and it no longer looks like it originally did. My son had the idea to scan in pieces of it as you make it so you’ll remember how it looked. Some of the Legos are too large to fit on the 3D stage, but if you scan it in as you are creating it, it would be helpful.
  • Use a 3D scan and the Light Stencil software to trace something you need at any size like the shells I traced below.
Scanning a shell 3D design

Here is the shell I scanned. I also scanned another shell and put them on top of each other when I traced the image.

Tracing 3D designs on Sprout by HP #GoMakeThings #SproutByHP #Sponsored

This is what I scanned in using the 3D scanner stage. I used a sheet of tracing paper over it and used a pencil to trace the lines and shading.

Shell on tracing paper

I know this is not perfect. But I have never drawn anything before. I learned so much about how the shading affects an object. I learned how to make the curves. I didn’t learn by taking a class. I learned by experimenting with tracing the shell and seeing how the shading changed the way it looked.

I don’t think that is too bad for a first try. My sons both like to draw and are always trying to draw new things. I can also see this would be useful for school projects. Enlarging a state so you can draw the cities on it and so much more.  

Printing Your 3D Scanned Object

Once you have the 3D design in the computer, you can manipulate it in many ways. Pull the 3D scan into 3D Builder and you can scale it to what you need. If you have a 3D printer at home, then you can use 3D Builder to print it.

3D Builder to print your 3D scan.

HP has it set up so you can send your 3D scan to be printed and it will be shipped to you.

Creating Digital Scrapbook Page With 3D Images

I created this digital scrapbook page for my son using several of the Star Wars (and Star Trek) art projects that he has made in the past.

Start Wars Art Projects Digital Scrapbook Page #GoMakeThings #SproutByHP #Sponsored

My son created each of these art projects at school. I used the 3D scanner to create a 3D design. I liked that I could show off the different sides of the projects.

Here is the Sprout by HP. The pink arrow is pointing to the desktop which is exactly like the one you are used to using. I have Windows 10 on my Sprout.

The blue arrow is pointing to the mat which is similar to a mousepad (for lack of a better comparison.) It does so much more than a mousepad. There is a projector above the desktop that projects an image to the mat.

The mat (and desktop) are touch and stylus enabled.

sprout-by-hp 2

This is the Sprout Workspace that shows up on the desktop (pink arrow above) when in the create mode. I used this mode to create my scrapbook page above.


Sprout by HP Workspace


This is the mat with the Create app and the stylus. I swiped the images from the top desktop (pink arrow) down to the mat (blue arrow) with just a flick of the image. Then it appears below. I used the stylus to write on the image.

Sprout workspace on mat

Working with touch and a stylus gives you the most precise tool. You use whatever works best for you for the task you are doing. I love the options it gives me.

The Sprout by HP is so different from any other all-in-one desktop I’ve used. If you can think it, the Sprout can help you make it. You are the maker and the Sprout helps you make it.

Adding the 3D scanner stage gives a whole new level of creativity to the Sprout.

Useful Info:

The Sprout Creator Gallery shows projects that users (makers) have made using the Sprout by HP. If you are looking for one in a retailer near you, check out the retail search.

Disclosure: This is a Sprout by HP sponsored post. I was compensated and received the 3D scanner stage in exchange for this post. I purchased the Sprout by HP all-in-one desktop myself. All opinions are my own. 

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  • This is such a revolutionary technology. There are so many things that one can do with a 3D scanner/printer.
    I wonder what will scientist manage to do with it so that it has a major impact in our lives, like they did in the medical field, printing organs, which is actually pretty unbelievable.

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