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Today’s Daily Geek Find is Pinterest. Pinterest is a way of sharing cool pictures of anything that interests you. You create boards which are like categories and you pin the pictures of your interests to the boards. Sharing an interest is called pinning. You can follow people or follow boards.

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Pinterest Boards

I’ve created several boards like:

  • Orange Stuff
  • Cool Gadgets
  • Beach
  • Scrapping Layouts
  • Just Because
  • Quotes I like

You can create boards for all your interests. Pinterest is really addicting. I check Pinterest on my iPhone and before I know it, hours will have gone by.

Pinning to Boards

Here are some of the things I have pinned to my boards:

Pinterest pins

When you look through the activity stream of those you are following, you can “like” or “repin” any Pinterest you see. That’s where the real fun begins.

Pinterest Stream

When you “repin” a Pinterest, you add it to any of your boards. The more times something gets repinned, the more likely it will show up in the Activity Stream of Everyone.

I love keeping ideas for scrapbook layouts or pictures of things I want to make or do some day.

Pinterest Sharing interests

Pinterest in currently in beta so you need to know someone in order to get an invite. I have a few invites, so let me know if you would like to try out.

Let’s Talk About Pinterest!

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