Path is the best personal journal app I have found on my iPhone. Path, an iPhone app (iTunes link), was started in November, 2010 and at first I used it, but it didn’t feel natural. When I use an app, I want it to make something easier. I don’t want to be confused about using the app.

Here is my first post on Path last year.

personal journal app

My first post on Path in November, 2010.

Path recently went through a big overhaul and now I am in love with the app. As a digital scrapbooker, using a personal journal app is AWESOME! Let me go through a few of the Path features.

path opening screen

Path, Your Personal Journal App

Your path has a main photo and you have your own profile picture. This is my Path.

personal journal app

I took that sunset picture in the rear view mirror of my car. I love it! You can add pictures, videos, places, songs, comments, people and when you go to bed and are awake.

Adding To Your Path

Here is the screen where you start. Click on the “plus” circle.

path personal journal app

And this menu will fly out.

path personal journal app

Awake or Sleeping?

Click on the Moon and you can record when you “Go to Sleep” or “I’m Awake.” Do you know of any other personal journal app with that feature?

sleep or awake

Your Thoughts?

Have a thought you would like to share? Here you can write anything you want to remember that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories.

thought on path

Adding Music

Listening to a song? Click on the music note and you will get a list of songs.

music  path

Adding Pictures, Video & Places

The next two are for adding the place where you are and/or the people you are with. And the top one is for adding a picture or video. When you take a picture or video, you can choose from several filters. This one is the Old Time filter.

picture on path

And here is a picture in my path.

And here is a video on my Path.

video on path

Adding Friends to Your Path

Your friends can add an emoticon (choice of 5) or a comment to any of the updates in your Path. By default, Path is a private personal journal app. Path is not the place where you will collect friends and share it with the world. You max out your friends at 150. I have decided that Path is the place where I share my personal life with those who are close to me. I won’t add everyone as a friend, so don’t be insulted if I don’t add you. I will add those who I spend time with (either offline or online.)

friends on path

Social Networking Overload?

I plan to use Path as a personal journal app to aid me in my digital scrapbooking. I am part of several different social networks and each one has a purpose. Path will be a more private personal place for me.

social networks

Let’s Talk About This Personal Journal App!

So, that is Path. What are your thoughts? Is this something you will use? Does the maximum of 150 friends concern you? Is there a place for Path in your social networking bag?

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