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stabilize your video mercalli easy
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Stabilize Your Video With Mercalli Easy; You Just Focus On Taking Video

When you are taking video of your kids, are you thinking, “I must stand really still because I need to stabilize the video?” I don’t know about your kids, but my kids move fast. If I’m taking video, there is a lot of movement and that includes my own arms. That shaky video is hard to watch later. It always makes me feel a little dizzy. How to Stabilize Your Video Mercalli Easy will stabilize…

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sample y-cam photo
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Wireless Video Security Camera; Y-cam Knight SD

There have been several times that I wished I could see outside or in the basement to check on the kids without having to get up every 5 minutes. As the weather gets warmer, my kids want to be outside all the time which is fantastic, BUT…. I still need to work. In comes the Y-Cam Knight SD wireless video security camera to the rescue. The Y-cam comes with everything you need to set it…

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