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Mobee Does Magic With Your Magic Mouse, Apple Keyboard & Trackpad

There a few really annoying things that Mobee Technology has figured out how to solve. Mobee has an easy charger for my Magic Mouse and Apple keyboard and trackpad. And if that wasn’t enough, Mobee has figured out how to add a number pad to my Apple trackpad. Advertisements

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carbonite on imac
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Carbonite Backup System; Works While You Go About Your Business

Yesterday was World Backup Day, so the subject of backing up is on my mind. Before I tell you about the Carbonite backup system, let’s talk about backing up in general. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, if you do nothing else to protect your data, BACK IT UP! No April Fools here. Best Backup System? The best kind of backup system is the kind where you set it up and…

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