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Touch infographic DVD
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How Many Lives Do You Touch? Season 1 of Touch Out On DVD [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you ever think about how the decisions you make throughout a day affect other people? I know I don’t..especially people I don’t know. Touch explores those relationships through the eyes of 11 year old, Jake Bohm. Touch on TV Jake has never spoken a work in the 11 years he has lived. His father, Martin (played by Kiefer Sutherland) learns to trust his son and follow the numbers. I am hooked on Touch. I…

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Safely Go for Android in Google Play
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Keep Eyes On The Road, Not Your Phone With Safely Go App

Do you answer calls or look at texts on your phone while driving? It is hard not to when you hear the ding or beep and you know you have a message. Even if you don’t look at it, you are distracted by the ding of the phone. Location Labs has created a free Android app, Safely Go, to keep you focused on what matters most. There are two ways this app can be used…….

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Win $50 VISA Gift Card & Spot in AT&T Mobile Safety School

As the mom of a soon to be driver, a teen and 2 tweens, mobile safety is a HUGE priority for me. I’m so excited to  work with AT&T on this campaign to learn more about mobile safety for kids of all ages and to share that information with you. AT&T Mobile Safety School Giveaway There are real issues that kids face today when it comes to mobile phones: bullying, privacy, over-usage, texting while driving…

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2012 Election apps for iOS & Android
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2012 Election Apps for iOS and Android

With the election coming up, I find myself tuning the commercials and news out because it’s difficult to keep track of the truth and the “not truths.” I prefer to find the information about the candidates myself from several sources myself. Here are apps for both iOS and Android that may help you keep up with the 2012 Election. Fifteen 2012 Election Apps for iOS View this SkinnyScoop List   Fifteen 2012 Election Apps for…

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Mother & Daughter Just Dance To Get Fit; #JDDreamTeam Final

My daughter and I just finished our Just Dance Just Sweat Dream Team challenge today. We used Just Dance as part of a healthy lifestyle change this past summer. We will look at the goals we set back in May to measure how well we did. First watch this video to find out how I think we did and the differences between a 13-year-old and a 45-year-old doing Just Dance. Fourth Month Progress We followed…

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