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SunBright Verdana outdoor TV from Best Buy

My dream home has a patio off the back of the house with a fireplace and an outdoor TV. It looks much like the photo above. Do you have a dream home with a dream outdoor TV?

Because watching TV outside is something we don’t do every day, it feels like a treat. Wouldn’t it be great to have a family movie night on a nice warm spring evening in your own backyard?

After we get past the dream part of an outdoor TV, I started to have a lot of questions about how it’s possible to watch TV outside. I know what it’s like when the sun shines through our window in the family room. Can’t see the TV very well!

SunBright Verdana outdoor TV from Best Buy

Outdoor TV Q&A

Can you see the TV outside?

When you put a TV outside, it has to be a specific television that is made for outdoor viewing. The SunBright Verdana series of outdoor TVs are engineered to be outdoors. The TV includes a direct-lit 4K UHD screen with HDR, which is up to 50% brighter than indoor TVs. So, yes, you can see the TV as long as you have it in a fully shaded area like a covered porch.

What happens if it rains or snows and my outdoor TV gets wet?

You wouldn’t imagine getting water near the TV in your home, but if you have a TV outside, it’s bound to get wet. The SunBright Verdana TVs are weatherproof and can withstand the rain, snow, dust, insects and anything else the harsh weather brings your way.

SunBright Verdana outdoor TV from Best Buy

Will the TV rust being outdoors for years?

The SunBright Verdana TVs have a powder-coated rust-proof aluminum exterior that protects the outside and the internal components from rusting.

How are the cords protected?

The Verdana series of outdoor TVs come with a weatherproof media bay which protects the cords.

SunBright Verdana outdoor TV from Best Buy

Just like indoor TVs, an outdoor TV comes in different sizes. The size of your patio will determine the size of the TV you need.

Backyard Movie Nights

The best part of an outdoor TV is having family movie nights on the back patio. I can smell the popcorn already.

Would your family enjoy having backyard movie nights? Do you have an outdoor TV? What are your thoughts on watching TV outdoors?