Anyone who has ever dropped a smart phone will know how important the case is to the phone. My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is my life and I’ve been looking for a case that will not add bulk, but will protect the phone if it’s dropped. I put the 

case to the test on the my Galaxy Note 2.

otterbox commuter series samsung galaxy note 2

I chose the pink Breast Cancer version because it’s prettier than the black one. There are not too many colors available in cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (black, pink & glacier.)


The OtterBox Commuter case comes in 2 pieces. The black softer inner layer (silicone) is what surrounds the Galaxy Note 2 and absorbs the shock of a fall and the pink outer layer (polycarbonate) is harder.


The Commuter series does not add a lot of bulk to the Galaxy Note 2, but with my really small hands, it added enough bulk and made the phone uncomfortable for me to hold. Having said that, I have used the case when I go to conferences or someplace where I think I might have more of a chance of it being dropped. I do feel like it protected my phone and was still usable, just a bit uncomfortable.


The bottom of the case completely covers the plug to keep the dust out, but has a silicone piece that moves out of the way when you need to recharge your Note 2. You can easily get to the S Pen too.

samsung galaxy note 2 otterbox case

I could not get the clear cover for the screen to go on without any bubbles, so I don’t have it on my phone. I struggle with putting those on all the time, so it’s probably just me.

breast cancer otter box

I like how the case extends above the screen. If you drop the phone face first, your screen won’t come in contact with the ground.


Overall, I definitely think the OtterBox Commuter series for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is definitely worth the $49.99 price especially if you are prone to dropping your phone. If your hands are larger than mine, then it’ll be easier for you to handle.


Disclosure: I received the OtterBox Commuter case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in exchange for this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links within post.

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