Organize cordsEvery gadget we have comes with a cord which means most of our office look like a sea of cords all tangled in a mess. I can never find the right cord when I need it.

organize cords

I’ve found 2 gadgets that will organize cords in your home (or office.) (I received both devices in exchange for the review.)

EPSON LabelWorks Cable & Wiring Kit

EPSON LabelWorks cable & wiring kit

When you need to find a cord to unplug a gadget, do you have a hard time finding the right cord? If it’s like my house, you have to unplug several cords (and often the wrong cord) to figure out which one you need. With the EPSON LabelWorkds cable and wiring kit, you can create a label with words or images and wrap the label around the cord.

Here I have a label for my speaker cord. I’m working on labeling everything, but it will take time.

LabelWork cable & wiring label kit

It is very simple to use the EPSON for writing labels. Just type in the word you want, hit the green print button. The green button on the side on the top is the cut button.

EPSON label printer

There are over 300 symbols you can use also as you see the airplane I printed for travel.


The ink on the labels is not wet when it prints off. You can touch it and you won’t get an ugly smear.

Phone label

I labeled my phone cord because I have 4 hanging off my desk and I’m always grabbing the wrong one.


I have many cords that I don’t use very often and I put them in small baggies, but now I’ve labeled them so I know what they go to.

label stored cables

The LabelWorks is for cable and wiring, but I’ve also used it to label some of my scrapbooks. There is the travel symbol.

label binders

My plan is to label all cords when I get a new gadget so I always know which cord goes with each device.

Disclosure: EPSON sent me the LabelWorks Cable & Wiring kit for this post. All opinions are my own.

CHIL PowerShare Reactor Multidevice Charger Station

We also never have enough plugs to plug in our devices. With 6 people in the house, we need a lot of plugs. The PowerShare is a great solution for extra places to plug in your gadgets.

CHIL PowerShare

As you can see, you plug the CHIL into the wall and you can plug 4 devices into the CHIL. Three are for your smart phone or iPhone and one is for a tablet or iPad. I labeled the tablet one so I could easily see it.

powershare multidevice charger

I have slowly been labeling everyone’s cords with their name and we keep several plugged into the CHIL so always have a spot for charging.

CHIL Powershare reactor multidevice charging station

And the best thing about the multidevice charging station is the bottom.

bottom of multidevice charging station

The cord fits back into the CHIL so that you only have out as much cord as you need. No extra cords to get all tangled up. Such a small thing that makes a HUGE difference.

These 2 gadgets will help your family tame the cord best in your home. You will know what cord goes to each device and you will have extra charging spots.

Disclosure: CHIL sent me the PowerShare charging station for this review. All opinions are my own.

What gadgets do you use to organize the cords in your house?