The 64 GB wifi iPad. I feel happy, oh so happy, so happy and giddy and….. Some of you will get this and some of you will think I’m nuts. But seriously, being the geek that I am, ordering a new gadget is the ultimate high for me. It’s better than any drug.

The only thing better is that moment when this geek first gets the new gadget still in the box in my geeky little hands. It’s even better when it’s from Apple because Apple has figured out how to make even the packaging look AWESOME. INow I have to wait until April 3 to get it into my hands. That is also my daughter’s 11th birthday. I think that is a fine present for me because I am the one who gave birth. This also means my hubby gets a new Nook (mine). I’m going to be reading my books in COLOR!!!

So, why did I choose the wifi and not the 3G version? My biggest reason was the AT&T service. There is no way I’m giving AT&T more of my money for 3G service. If they would let me tag onto my iPhone account, I would have gone for the 3G. Yeah, it would have been nice to have the 3G service, but I’d rather have the 64 GB and NOT pay AT&T. That’s how much I dislike AT&T.

Did you order an iPad? What is it that gets you feeling like a kid? Is it gadgets? Yarn? Scrapbooking supplies? Tell me!!