JumpStart logoMy kids have been playing games online for years, but I prefer that they be online educational games. I know that games can be fun and they can learn at the same time. We have been a big fan of the JumpStart software since my older son started school in 2001, so I was excited to learn that JumpStart now offers online educational games for kids ages 3 through 12. Sponsored Post!

There are some games that are available for free, but to get the full access to all the online educational games, you will need to become a paid member. For this review, we received a complimentary paid membership so we could try the full game out. Signing up was very easy. I chose to connect my Facebook account to JumpStart for easy access and within minutes I had my two younger kids (6 & 8 yrs) signed up with an account.

JumpStart Online Educational Games

From my perspective, the parent, I like the JumpStart game because no names are ever exchanged and they can not randomly chat with anyone. The kids can only choose from canned chat phrases and each child is given a code to give to someone else if they want to become friends. I can log in and see all of my kids friends and check up on them. Even though I’m watching what they play, I like the extra safeguards taken by JumpStart to keep my kids safe while playing.

I asked my kids to help me with this review since they spent much more time with the game playing part than I did. We found some screen prints of the portions of the games that were their favorite and I asked them to tell me a bit about the game. At the end, there is a video we created the other day when we had a few free moments in the carpool line.

Kids Love JumpStart

The next sections are the words of my kids (mostly in their own words, but edited a bit by Mom to make sense.)

My daughter couldn’t wait to create her character and build a house. She loved adding things to her house like the windows, doors, steps and even a garden next to your house. You can change your mailbox and your gate too.


This is the Jumpee Builder. The Jumpees are the characters in the game. You can decorate them anyway you want. My daughter liked that you can pick your own face, eyes, hair, mouth and change the colors too. You can choose if you want it to be a boy or girl too. My son liked that you can design your own name. His had army man pants, black shirt and spiky hair.

JumpStart Video Review

Educational Value

When my kids were playing the game and when they were describing the game to me, not once did they mention that they were learning at the same time. This is a plus because they just had fun and I felt better about them playing because I know they were learning also. Who ever said that learning shouldn’t be fun?!

When I was checking the parents section of the JumpStart site, I found some really awesome educational resources. There are a lot of worksheets and lessons and they are broken down by subject and grade. With summer coming soon, this is a great place to find some extra work if you want to have your kids do some lessons over the summer (or print them out for long car rides.)

Let’s Talk About Online Educational Games!

Do you let your kids play games online? Do you prefer online educational games?

Disclosure: I received a free membership in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own (and my kids.)