So, what have I done for the last 3 days? I played Lego Star Wars on my Nintendo 3DS. I’ve mentioned before that I’m hooked on the Lego games, but I’ve never played one game for so long.

I hate being sick. We’ve had some flu bug go through our house the last few weeks. It started with my 8-year-old, then my 6-year-old missed 2 of the last 4 days of school and now me. Starts with a fever, then stomach ache then sore throat and generally just feeling like crap.  But the Lego Star Wars III: The clone Wars (affiliate link) on the Nintendo 3DS (affiliate link) has kept me busy.

Lego Star Wars 3DS Obsession

My Lego Star Wars on the Nintendo 3DS obsession started innocently because I had the time and I couldn’t focus on work and we had 900 channels of nothing on TV. But once you start earning those blue & gold Lego coins (or whatever they call them,) I couldn’t stop. I have managed to complete the game and unlock all the free play levels. That means I can go through each level again and use the characters that I have bought.

I love the Lego Star Wars game because it follows the story lines, so it’s familiar. Each level doesn’t get harder, but rather, as you unlock more characters, then more things become available to you in the different worlds. Each Lego Star Wars game is also a little different. I’ve played it on the Nintendo DSi, Wii, PS3 and PSP and each one is different enough to make it interesting.

My only complaint with the Lego Star Wars games is that you can’t save in the middle of a level. Sometimes I have to stop in order to take care of a kid or make dinner. You real life duties, but I can’t just stop. Now I understand what my kids are saying when they say, “I can’t save it.”

Nintendo 3DS Rocks

Playing the game on the Nintendo 3DS is awesome. The best part? You don’t need glasses at all. I thought it would give me a headache, but it doesn’t. You do have to hold the Nintendo 3DS straight on and keep it back a bit otherwise, it looks all funky. You can easily turn the 3D off an on with a slider on the screen. You can do it during play and it doesn’t affect the game.

Nintendo 3DS Black

There are some precautions with the 3DS so you need to be sure to read them. My 8-year-old can not play the Nintendo 3DS games because he has epilepsy. So be sure you know the Nintendo 3DS precautions before you purchase the game unit for someone. There are options in the parental controls to turn the 3D part off.

I am in love with the new Nintendo 3DS. I can’t wait to see what other 3DS games they come out with. I have the Lego Star Wars and The Sims 3 for Nintendo 3DS. I haven’t played The Sims game yet, but I’ll let you know how that game is once I play it.

The Nintendo 3DS comes in black or blue (I have black.)

Pictures are screen prints from the Nintendo 3DS website.

Let’s Talk About Nintendo 3DS!

Have you purchased the Nintendo 3DS game unit? How do you like it? Have you played the Lego Star Wars on Nintendo 3DS or other system?