NETGEAR Arlo Video Home Security System is Easy to Set Up & Use #NETGEAR #spon

NETGEAR Arlo Home Security System with 2 cameras. Cameras are HD, wide-angle, wireless, weather and water proof. #NETGEAR Easy to setup. #Sponsored

This is a NETGEAR sponsored post. I am a NETGEAR Ambassador.

Thinking about installing a video home security system, but concerned about the installation? The NETGEAR Arlo security system was so easy to set up. It’s the simplest system I have tested.

NETGEAR Arlo Home Security System with 2 cameras. Cameras are HD, wide-angle, wireless, weather and water proof. #NETGEAR Easy to setup. #Sponsored

 Setting Up the Arlo Video Home Security

Best way to explain how easy it is, is for me to show you. I received the two-camera version from NETGEAR to test out. It comes with a base station, 2 cameras, 8 batteries and extras to mount the cameras on the wall.

1. Set up the base station. Plug it in and connect to your router (both cords included.) I plugged mine into our NETGEAR Nighthawk X6.

NETGEAR Arlo base station

Here is a side view of the base station to show you that it doesn’t take up much room.


2. Put the batteries in the cameras. Each camera takes 4 batteries and all 8 were in the box. You can see where the batteries go on the bottom of the camera.

NETGEAR Arlo side view of battery case

3. Sync each camera up to the base station by pressing the “SYNC” button on top of the camera. You must be close to the base station for it to work. I pressed it until I saw the blue light on the front flashing very quickly.

Arlo Sync button

4. Download the NETGEAR Arlo app (iOS, Android.) You will need to set up a new account. Once I set up my account, I could see my 2 cameras in the app.

NETGEAR Arlo Set Up App5. Place your cameras where you want them. For testing purposes, I put the Arlo in my Family Room (see it on the mantle of the fireplace?)

Arlo in my Family Room

You don’t see it? How about now?

NETGEAR Arlo Video Home Security System

I also put one in our dining room.

NETGEAR Arlo in Dining Room

This is not their permanent locations, but I don’t want to give away all my home security system secrets on my blog. 😀

Arlo App Settings

The only settings I changed right away were the Motion on/off settings. I set it up so that during the night when we are asleep, I will get alerts if there is motion. I don’t want it during the day when I’m here and I know there is motion because it’s me. LOL! If we were to go on vacation, I would change this setting so that the motion is on all the time. NETGEAR Arlo app for iPhone

When the motion is on, you will receive an email and an alert on your phone from the app. The email includes a photo taken at the time the motion triggered the camera. You can also go to the app and see a 10 second video of what was going on. Most of my night triggers are from my cats.

When you open the app, you will see this screen:

Arlo app with 2 cameras

You can click on the green camera and take a photo. Here is a photo I took from the camera of me taking a photo of the camera.

This is the original photo. I optimized it so it wasn’t too big for my blog, but I didn’t make any other changes to the photo. The cameras are HD so you will get a high quality image. The cameras have a wide-angle lens, so you can see a lot from one camera.

Photo taken by NETGEAR Arlo cameraAnd here is the photo I was taking:

Photo of Arlo camera

I’m not using the cameras outside, but they are weather and water proof, so you could see what is going on outside your house.

NETGEAR Arlo home security video camera

I like that the cameras use batteries because I can put them wherever I want. I am not tied down to a location with an outlet nearby. If I decide I need to watch my front door closely today, I can easily move it closer to the front door. Because of the wide-angle lens, I don’t need 2 cameras to view one room.

Arlo image of room using wide angle lens

I like that I can view the cameras anytime from anywhere with the app. Having the camera snap a photo when it’s triggered by motion (and saving the video/camera for a time for free) is an added bonus.

NETGEAR Arlo night vision photo

At night, even with very little light, you can still see what is going on. The cameras have night vision. That is my cat playing with his toy at night by the chair on the right.

Final Arlo Thoughts

I am really happy with the Arlo home security system (affiliate link.) It took me about 20 minutes to set up and other than adjusting the motion on/off setting, I haven’t done anything more and it works just like I want it to.

Just as a side note, we have a very secure WiFi system and secure passwords on everything in our house which is ALWAYS important when you are using WiFi anywhere.

What are your thoughts on the Arlo home security system? Will you be purchasing one for your home?


Disclosure: As a member of the Netgear Ambassador program, I receive product to test out and give honest reviews on my blog. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links marked within the post.

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