Yesterday I received an email from Apple telling me my iPad had shipped. I checked the UPS tracking and it’s in China. Then today I got a notice that it is in Kentucky. I suppose it is in customs.


I feel like a kid at Christmas. I check the UPS tracker on my iPhone every few hours. I am researching everything I can get my hands on about the iPad. Apple is slowly releasing updates and new information just to tease me. I feel them taunting me from San Fran.

Every time I think about opening the door and signing for my iPad, I get all excited. The thought of ripping, no carefully opening the box and turning the iPad on for the first time is better than “you know what.”.

It is times like this that I know I am a true geek. I don’t just like gadgets or even love gadgets….I live for gadgets. I know many of you won’t get that at all. Many will think I’m completely selfish to feel such passion for a thing. Technology is my passion. I really do get turned on by a new gadget. LOL!!!

Do you understand my passion for technology? Do you feel the same way about something? Tell me about your passion.