A Day in the Life of a Tech Mom #IfItCanGame [Sponsored]

Day in the life of a tech mom

Day in the life of a tech momDo you remember life before we had computers? Me either! I use my computer all day long, so it’s very important that I have a laptop that can live up to my high expectations. I’ve been putting the HP ENVY Touchsmart 15 Sleekbook to the test the past few weeks. (I received the HP ENVY Sleekbook for my participation in the #IfItCanGame campaign.)

A Typical Morning With My HP ENVY

Every morning at 6:30 am, my alarm goes off and I head straight to the kids’ rooms to wake them up. As I am rushing the kids through our morning routine, I’m also checking email and the news to see if anything exciting has happened since I went to bed.

If it can game….it can check email AND news at the same time.

AMD Face Login on HP Envy

After the kids have gone to school, my work day officially begins. I’m usually in my office for most of the day. This is where I check emails, write blog posts, post to social media, edit photos and videos, and create digital scrapbooking layouts.

If it can game….it can edit photos and videos with email running in the background.


Last week I was working on editing photos for my son’s graduation album, editing videos from my daughter’s dance competition and editing photos for my blog posts. The HP ENVY Sleekbook with the AMD A10 Quad-Core APU is super fast which means I don’t have to wait for a long time when editing photos in Photoshop. Because the sleekbook has a touchscreen, I’ve been using the Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows 8 because it was built for touchscreen.

If it can game, it can create beautiful digital scrapbooking albums.

If It Can Game

But if I want to catch up on TV or if something big is happening in the world, you’ll find me here on the couch in the living room. Working on HP Envy with AMD

Typical Afternoon With My HP ENVY

When the kids get home from school, my computer and I head to the kitchen where I start thinking about dinner and the kids tell me about their day and start homework. I’m usually working while they do homework. I check emails while I cook dinner. If it can game….it can surf the web, check recipes and run videos on YouTube without missing a beat! HP Envy sleekbook in the kitchen At some point in the late afternoon (varies from day to day,) we head to the car and I become a taxi. I take my laptop with me because I often have 15 minutes overlap and I like to be able to get something done. If I need wifi, I have my extra hotspot with me or I may just work on editing photos. If it can game….it can be portable and go with the mom taxi. HP ENVY Touchsmart Sleekbook in the car So far the HP ENVY Sleekbook has kept up with me. It’s portable, so I can take it with me anywhere. I open it up and it immediately is open to the Face Login and I’m logged in. I don’t have to wait for several minutes to get logged in. When you only have 15 minutes, waiting 2 minutes isn’t fun. Thanks to the AMD A10 chip & Windows 8, logging in barely takes a few seconds. If it can game….it can quickly log you in with AMD’s Face Login software. Ifitcangame in the car

Typical Evening With My HP Envy

Sometime around 7 to 8pm, we finally get to sit down and eat dinner. After dinner, the kids finish up homework and I’m usually helping them by checking answers on Bing. Have you ever tried to do 4th and 5th grade homework? It’s hard!!! If my husband is out of town, we usually Skype with him during this time so the kids can see him too. If it can game…it can help with homework. HP Sleekbook does homework Then it’s off to bed. If I still have some work to do, I will bring my laptop to bed so I can finish up work and catch up on a few shows. I’ve even been known to watch shows on my laptop because my husband wants to watch something else. The large gorgeous 15 inch screen on the HP Sleekbook makes my Netflix & Hulu shows look like I’m watching the shows on an HD TV. If it can game, it can play your favorite movies & TV shows. And then it starts all over again….

Sleekbook With Style

I feel that a laptop (or any gadget) is an extension of my personality. It should reflect who I am. That is why I bought my HP Sleekbook a sleek orange dress!hp-sleekbook-dress-orange If it can game…it can also be beautiful! orange dress on HP sleekbook Ok, Tech Moms! How do you use your tech?

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Disclosure: I received the HP ENVY Sleekbook from AMD for the #IfItCanGame campaign. All opinions are 100% my own.If It Can Game, It Can...

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