musicals on netflix

My son is graduating in 2 weeks and will be a theatre major in college in the Fall. Theatre has been a HUGE part of his life and his favorite is musicals. As soon as he knows what the next musical is that he plans to audition for, he heads to Netflix to find the movie version. (I am on the Netflix Stream Team and this post is a sponsored post.)

Nate McGraw in The Producers

Nate McGraw’s solo in The Producers. July, 2013.

As a family, musicals have become a huge part of our life because of Nathan’s love for the musical. Fortunately, Netflix has many musical titles available, so we never run out of options.

Musicals on Netflix

Here are the musicals my son has performed in and the musical is available on Netflix (not the version my son performed in…yet!)

Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall

Phaontom of the Opera on Netflix

This is one of my favorite musicals and this version of it is beautiful. My kids and I watch this over and over and over again and then at least a few more times! Even if you’ve seen Phantom, you’ll enjoy this version.

And here is my son, Nate McGraw, in Phantom of the Opera.

Nate McGraw in Phantom of the Opera

Nate McGraw (left) in Phantom of the Opera. Spring 2012.

 Les Miserables

This is the musical my son performed in his Freshman year. It sparked his love of musicals, so it has a special place in my heart. It was also the first time I had seen it, but now I’ve watched it on Netflix many times.

Les Miserables on Netflix

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Nathan  saw the musical on Broadway during a Drama trip a few years ago and a few weeks ago, he performed in the high school version. This isn’t the same as the Broadway version because this musical has a very unique feature.

Nate McGraw in the Mystery of Edwin Drood

Nate McGraw (right) in The Mystery of Edwin Drood in May 2014. Nominate for Cappies Featured Actor for his role in Drood. Awards announced on June 8, 2014.

This musical is about an unfinished Charles Dickens novel. He died before he finished it. The musical lets the audience finish the story by picking the villain and the lovers. This version is the PBS version and definitely a good one.

More Musicals on Netflix

And here are the musicals that I just love and can never get enough of which is why I’m so happy they are on Netflix.


musicals on Netflix

This is a classic. I remember dancing and singing to this in my best friend’s backyard in 6th grade. My 5th grader’s class is performing one of the songs from Grease in his 5th Grade Graduation ceremony. He was shocked that I knew the song.


Rent on Netflix

I had not seen RENT until just a few weeks ago. I knew many of the songs and I knew the story, but it is a MUST watch. You won’t regret it.


Footloose on Netflix

This is the classic version, the original. This takes me back to the 80s every time I watch it. If your teens have not seen Footloose, have them watch it.

Camp Rock

camp rock on Netflix

If you have teens or tweens, you may have seen this. But it’s still a great story and we watch it once in a while. It’s great exercise if you dance and sing along.

High School Musical

High School Musical on Netflix

The original High School Musical  is still the best one. I can’t believe how young all the actors look. Once again, I love to sing along to this one.

Teen Beach Movie

Teen Beach Movie on Netflix

This is a newer Disney musical and I love the premise of the characters being pulled into a movie. I used to dream about being certain characters in movies. The music is very “beach” which is my favorite place to be.

Any musicals on Netflix you love to watch? What is your favorite musical? Have you ever performed in a musical?

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I received complimentary service. This post is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.