I found an awesome app that I had to tell you all about. It’s called Motion X Sleep and it helps you track your sleep habits and daily steps.

You can either plug your iPhone in and put it under your pillow or wear it in an arm band.

motion x sleep tracking

Motion X Sleep tracked my light sleep, deep sleep and awake times. As an added bonus, you can set up the time you want to wake up and it will gently wake you up with soothing sounds. I chose the waves and it really did work. I felt more relaxed when I woke up and not being jarred up by that obnoxious iPhone Alarm sound (you know what sound I’m talking about!!)

Motion X Sleep Video

This video is a great overview and tutorial

The only thing missing from Motion X Sleep is the ability to add some notes. I would love to add things notes about my day or night that might be helpful.

Let’s Talk About Motion X Sleep!

Do you track your sleep habits?