animoto personalized videoI have been a huge fan of Animoto for a few years. I use it to create videos of our vacations, graduation videos and fun greetings card movies for family and friends. Everybody oohs and aahs over my videos and believes I am the most brilliant movie maker they know (ok…maybe I exaggerated, but you get the picture!) I’m giving away my secret now because it’s too good to NOT share!

Animoto is Easy

Here are the steps.

  1. Choose video style
  2. Choose the music
  3. Choose the videos and pictures
  4. Add text
  5. Produce video
  6. Wait for email letting you know it’s done

And best part? For a 30 second video, you have many free options (3 versions: lite, premium & pro.)

mothers day gift personalized video

I know, you are thinking, “Is it really that easy?” But it is. I will walk you through each step and show you the final video. I decided to create a sample Mother’s Day gift, a personalized video since we are getting closer to Mother’s Day.

Creating a Mother’s Day Personalized Video

Step 1 – Choose Video Style

Choose the video style. For my Mother’s Day video I chose the Watercolor Seashore. Depending on which plan you have, some video styles will not be available to you.

Step 2 – Choose the Music

Animoto has a lot of choices for music that are “ok” to use, so I have never had a problem finding the right piece. You won’t need to worry about license if you choose one from their library.

personalized video mothers day gift

I chose the song, Mother. Sounds like the perfect song for a Mother’s Day gift.

animoto song choices

Step 3 – Choose the Videos & Photos

There are so many ways to add your videos and photos. Whether they are on your hard drive or uploaded somewhere, you can add them. You don’t have the perfect picture? Animoto has stock photos & video too.

add photos & videos animoto

You can even get your photos from Instagram in Animoto. This is where I put my videos and photos in the order that makes sense for the video I am creating. You can edit the length of the videos right in Animoto.

instagram choose photos animoto

Step 4 – Add Text

You can add text before, between and after your photos. The very first slide is my text slide. This video doesn’t need a lot of text. The photos and video with the yellow behind them are highlighted in the video.

Step 5 – Product Video

Just click the green button….

animoto mothers day giftand Animoto will do its magic….

animoto magic personalized video

Step 7 – Wait for Animoto…

to send you this email letting you know it’s done.

animoto email

And here is my completed Mother’s Day gift, a personalized video. You can easily share your video on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and many other places.

Animoto iPhone App

Animoto also has an iPhone app, so if you are on your way to your mom’s house for Mother’s Day and realize you forgot a card, whip up a quick video (not while you driving though.)

Here is my Mother’s Day personalized video in the Animoto iPhone app.

animoto iphone app

Never Gift Up Personalized Video

This is a video that I created on my iPhone using photos of me running and completing my first half marathon. I use this video for motivation.


Now wasn’t that easy? And the results are so awesome. I like to download the special videos so that I have them forever. They really are a piece of art!

Disclosure: I did receive a 3 month extension on my paid Animoto account in exchange for creating the Mother’s Day personalized video and the post. I have had an Animoto paid account for a few years and I use it all the time. All opinions are 100% my own.

Let’s Talk About Making a Personalized Video!

Go make a video at Animoto now. Just create a lite (free) account and create a quick video. Come back here and leave me a link and I want to know what your thoughts were about creating the personalized video. Was it easy?

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