As a mother of 2 teens and 2 tweens, I have a real fear of someone breaking, losing, stealing or dropping a mobile device. I am participating in this mobile protection sponsored campaign with Asurion and SocialMoms because I want you to know that you have options when it comes to protecting your mobile devices.

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Stories of Mobile Woes

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful evening in warm sunny Hawaii. You and your family are swimming in the pool while watching the sunset on the beach. It’s the perfect end to a perfect family vacation day. Your children are taking photos to remember every moment. Your 14-year-old is using her iPhone to take photos underwater with a waterproof case.

hawaiian sunset

Wait…what? You mean the waterproof case didn’t work? WHAT? Your iPhone won’t turn on? (“Told you,” says your husband.) That means spending a day of your vacation (and big bucks) replacing an iPhone.

hawaii pool

Think this didn’t really happen? Well it did happen to us on our Hawaiian vacation last summer.

Every year, 80 million cellphones are lost, stolen or damaged and 57% of parents report their kids have lost or damaged a cellphone.

And here are few more examples from just my family

  • My 9-year-old left her cell phone in the taxi in Los Angeles when we were really late for our flight home.
  • My son was taking the case off his iPhone and the phone went flying out of his hands and wouldn’t turn on.
  • My daughter was exploring a pond in the rain with her cell phone and dropped it in a puddle. Wouldn’t turn on.
  • My husband jumped into a pool with his phone in his swimsuit pocket.

In each one of those cases, we spent a lot of time and money replacing or tracking down phones because this is such a huge investment and I do not like spending money on replacing devices. Asurion offers mobile protection through your wireless provider and offers plans to protect all your mobile electronic devices.

damanged cellphone

Mobile Device Protection

The summer and fall (back-to-school) are the most dangerous times for mobile phone loss and damage. As student return to school with new mobile devices, there are so many opportunities for loss or damage and replacing the mobile phones is expensive. The cost of a new “out of contract” iPhone can be over $800.

Asurion‘s mobile plans (through your wireless provider) gives you, the parent

  • rapid replacement coverage,
  • device location services,
  • data back-up
  • and live tech support.

I know I wish I had mobile coverage during any one of our cell phone mishaps I mentioned earlier. With most families having an average of 25 consumer electronics in their home and a cell phone in each family member’s pocket, that is a huge investment that often goes unprotected from damage or loss.

Most Important Mobile Device

My phone is the most important electronic device I own. It’s what keeps me connected to my family, business and holds a lot of very important information that I need. I multiply that times 6 because each of us in the family feels the same way about our mobile device.

I definitely need to protect our investment before we have another incident. It’s not a matter of if, but rather when it will happen. And not only would I be protecting my investment, but my data which includes many photos.

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Do you protect our mobile devices and data?

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