mobee technology charging magicThere a few really annoying things that Mobee Technology has figured out how to solve. Mobee has an easy charger for my Magic Mouse and Apple keyboard and trackpad. And if that wasn’t enough, Mobee has figured out how to add a number pad to my Apple trackpad.

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Convenient Charging Technology

My Apple keyboard, trackpad and Magic Mouse always lose batter power at the most inconvenient times and often, I don’t have batteries in the house so I’m scrounging around looking for another gadget to steal batteries from. With the Mobee charging technology, I don’t have to do that anymore. Mobee has made it really easy to keep all three charged up conveniently using the power from your computer.

The Power Bar

The Power Bar charges Apple Trackpad

The Power Bar is for the Apple Trackpad. You replace the batteries in the trackpad with a rechargeable power bar that fits into the batter compartment. When you need to charge up the trackpad, you plug the Power Bar into your computer with the USB cord and let it charge. Retails for $29.90.

The Magic Bar

The Magic Bar Apple Keyboard charger

The Magic Bar is for the small keyboard that comes with the newer iMacs. You replace the batteries in the keyboard with a rechargeable power bar that fits into the batter compartment. When you need to charge up the keyboard, you place the keyboard into the Magic Bar and let it charge. Retails for $59.90.

The Magic Charger

Magic Mouse Magic Charger Mobee

The Magic Charger is for the Magic Mouse. Replace your batteries in the Magic Mouse with the rechargeable battery pack from Mobee. When you need a charge, place the Magic Mouse on the Magic Charger (which plugs into your computer via USB) and let it charge without wires. Retails for $49.90.

Magic Bar and Magic Charger

Using all three of these will save you money in batteries and time searching for batteries. I used the Magic Bar and the Magic Charger for the last few weeks. I charged my keyboard and Magic Mouse completely and I have not had to recharge yet. I also have noticed that I don’t have as many problems with my Magic Mouse becoming disconnected which was happening a LOT with regular batteries.

The Magic NumPad

Magic NumPad for Apple trackpad

So, you have the small keyboard all charged up with the Magic Bar and you have your Trackpad, but there is no numpad? How inconvenient is that? Mobee has a solution…..Magic Numpad. It is an overlay which you put on your trackpad and it turns your Apple Trackpad into a NumPad.The NumPad comes with several different layouts for the extra keys, so you can choose which one works best for you. Retails for $29.90.

You install a small application on the computer that will let you change from NumPad to Trackpad mode. It works really well, but you do have to watch yourself press the numbers because you can’t feel the different keys. I got used to the different NumPad style very quickly.

Enhance My Life

I love that Mobee Technology has taken some daily inconveniences and created a solution for them. These gadgets have definitely enhanced my life.

Disclosure: I received the Magic NumPad from my husband for Valentine’s Day (he paid for it.) I received the Magic Bar and the Magic Charger in exchange for this review. I have not personally tried the Power Bar. All opinions are 100% my own. Amazon affiliate links within the post.

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