Marble Jar iPhone App Rewards Good Behaviors

With 4 kids in the house, I am always looking for ways to motivate my kids to do their chores, homework and personal hygiene without being asked 100 times. I know I sound like the adults in Charlie Brown when I repeat myself over and over and over again. I know that without motivation, there isn’t any reason for my kids to clean their room. Marble Jar Reward iPHone app

Marble Jar Rewards App

I want to teach my kids to work towards a goal. When I was introduced to the Marble Jar iPhone App, I thought it just might be what we need. My plan is to sit down with each of my kids and set some goals. I want them to set some personal goals and then together we will work on a plan for the tasks I want them to complete.

Then we will decide the reward and lay out the steps to get from planning to achieving the goal and getting the reward. Being able to set goals and achieve them is something that will help them in life.

Visualizing Your Goals

The Marble Jar App will give us a visual for reaching our goal. Being able to watch the virtual jar fill up with marbles will give my kids (especially the younger ones) a good idea of how close they are to reaching their goal.

Visualize your goals

Sometimes, a goal can seem to far away and we often forget how far we have come. Being able to see how many marbles are in the jar already is so much better than just saying, “but look how far you’ve come” when my kids are frustrated.

So we will spend the next few weeks filling our virtual jar with virtual marbles and trying to achieve our goals.

Disclosure: In exchange for this series of posts, I am being compensated by Marble Jar. All opinions are 100% my own.

How do you motivate your kids?


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    • Do you still have this app? It’s no longer on the App Store I’m trying to contact the publisher of this app is there anything in the about of the app that could help me? This app looks so much better than ibehave

      • I will do a little research and see if I can get an email or name for you of someone who worked on the app. I’ll have to go through my old emails to see who my contact was.

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