Generally, I don’t do review products where I need to return the product and before you call me a spoiled blogger, let me explain why.

When I write a review for a $300 loaner product, the brand is getting a review that is up virtually forever. If a lifetime post on my blog is not worth the $300 product, then why are they asking me to review the product in the first place?

time money

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My reviews are more than just a post detailing what the product can do and all it’s stats. My posts are stories of how your product made my life better and why.

A company will take out an ad in a magazines for thousands of dollars and the life of that ad is a few months. But…they won’t spend $300 on a review (which is better than an ad) from a blogger? That just doesn’t make sense.

I read this post today on Social Media Today about women being the best brand ambassadors because we believe that the best recommendations are from those in our circle of trust.

Value The Blogger’s Time

If you do not value the time we put into writing an honest and thorough review of your product, you should.

If you are going to only loan the product to the blogger, then I think we need to keep the review post up for the length of the loan period. #JustSayin!

Let’s Talk About Reviews In Exchange For Loaners!

What are you thoughts? Do you review a product if you have to return it?


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