Seriously? You didn’t wash the chocolate off your face and you are still wearing the same shirt you’ve had on since Sunday?

That is something I would never say *wink* as we were rushing from soccer practice to dance and eating fast food for the 3rd time in a week.

How many times, before you were a parent, did you swear that you would NEVER let your kids leave the house with hair all knotted & frizzy, a dirty face and filthy clothes? Now that you have kids, you are happy if they are wearing clothes when you leave the house. My kids may be unkempt, but the one thing I NEVER leave my house without is my smartphone.

LG Viper 4G LTE Smartphone

LG Viper

For the last few days I have been testing the LG Viper 4G LTE smart phone. Having this smart phone with me all the time gives me access to:

  • My email where I’ll find all the information about soccer and dance practice.
  • My calendar where I’ll find the schedule of all 6 family members.
  • My address book where I’ll find the address of my kid’s friends, the soccer field and everyone/thing else we know/go to.
  • My cloud storage which holds all the important documents I may need while at soccer, grocery store, doctor or my kid’s school.
  • My Google Wallet so that when I forget my purse (I told you…I don’t leave home without my phone…quite often I forget the purse) I can still pay.
  • My Life’s Good Fairytales app which occupies my children for hours when we are sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room
  • ….and a ton of other apps…

LG Viper side

From the moment I wake up when I look at my LG Viper to see what the weather will be like today, through out my day and when I go to bed to set my alarm for the next morning, my LG Viper has been the assistant every parent needs.

Google Wallet

google wallet logo

Google Wallet is the coolest paying app I have ever seen and it comes preloaded on the LG Viper. I used to tell my kids that we couldn’t buy that new Lego set because I forgot my wallet. Um…not anymore. Because, as I said, my LG Viper smart phone is always with me, so, Google Wallet is also always with me.

Google Wallet on LGViper

How does Google Wallet work? Google Wallet app comes preloaded on your LG Viper. The best part?  You don’t even have to open the app to pay using your phone. Just tap your phone on the reader and your phone sends payment to the store using your default form of payment (unless you direct otherwise.) You can check where Google Wallet works before you hit the mall. Be sure to look for these symbols so you know that store accepts Google Wallet.

google wallet offline symbolsUse Google Wallet online by looking for these symbols:

google wallet online symbols

Then, log into your account and you are done. It could not be any simpler to make a purchase either online or offline. And many merchants offer extra discounts when you use Google Wallet. You can find those right in the Google Wallet app.

Life's Good FairytalesLife’s Good Fairytales App

Do you remember skipping words or even pages in books when you read to your kids at bedtime when they were little? When they learned to read I couldn’t do that anymore.

I have a really fun solution for fun and short bedtime stories, Life’s Good Fairytales. The full Android app is available for free on Google Play through May 25, 2012. Full details at the LG Viper page.

LG viper life's good fairytalesThis is a bedtime story where you and your kids become characters in the story. Add your face to 1 of 6 stories and as you read the story, you will be a character in the story. You are also asked several questions and your answers become part of the stories. These are so much fun because it is never-ending stories. lifes good fairytale

Each time you add a different face and different answers, you change the story a bit. Great for bedtime stories and always works great when you are stuck somewhere and the kids get bored. Have them ask the questions to another person and treat it like Mad Libs and take pictures of each other with silly faces to add to the stories. So much fun!!

LG Viper Final Word

lg viper packaging

Overall, the LG Viper is the first Android phone that I have used that I really like. It is small and easy to slip in your pocket, but big enough to be able to see your email and photos. It has an awesome camera to take pictures of my kids. I love documenting the everyday moments of our lives and having a good camera on my phone is really important.

I definitely recommend the LG Viper 4G and be sure to download Life’s Good Fairytales and Google Wallet.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post through Social Moms. All opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links within post.

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