Over the summer, I had the pleasure of working with Lenovo on a campaign (sponsored) for the Yoga 11S. I have had my eye on it since I first saw it at CES earlier this year (and it comes in orange.)

lenovo 11S yoga for a tech family

I received an orange IdeaPad Yoga 11S and participated in a Google+ Hangout with other Lenovo users. I had so much fun talking about the different ways my tech family uses the Yoga 11S.

Lenovo Yoga 11S orange

As a tech family, we use a laptop for many tasks like watching movies, homework, playing games, keeping in touch with family and friends, shopping and running a business.

We do all of those at home and away. I want a laptop that will do all of those comfortably and that is a pretty big task to ask one device to do. But the Yoga 11S met our needs.

Work (Laptop) Mode

yoga 11s work mode

This mode is what we lovingly call, Work Mode, because we use the Yoga 11S like this when I’m working or the kids are working on homework. This is your typical laptop set-up. The screen is bright and the keyboard is very comfortable.

yoga 11s keyboard

With most laptops I’ve had, I purchased a small mouse to use because the trackpad didn’t work well for me, but I haven’t needed the extra mouse with the 11S.

Tablet Mode


Next, we have the Tablet Mode. The keyboard flips around and is now under the screen. The keyboard does not work when in tablet mode, instead, an onscreen keyboard will automatically come up when you need to type in something. The screen is a touch screen and with Windows 8 installed, you can use this like any other Windows 8 device.

I did not run into problems with the keyboard while in this mode. I did have some concerns about this mode at first, because of the keyboard location, but I never had a problem. My kids like to play games in this mode because they can set it on the table and watch each other play.

yoga 11s windows 8 key

At the top of the tablet mode, you’ll see a small button with the Windows logo on it. That is the Windows 8 key which will take you back to the home screen when in tablet mode and you don’t have the keyboard available.

And if you want to read a book, it’s a lot easier to read in this mode than in laptop mode, so I like the flexibility of the Yoga 11S.

Tent Mode

yoga 11s tend mode

Tent Mode is what my kids use the most because they like to lay on the floor and surf the internet with more than one person. As you can see, our kitten, Gabby loves this mode too.

tent mode

The 11S has a cool feature in certain software where you can wave your hand in front of the camera to do certain tasks. My kids will look at photos and wave their hand in a swiping motion in front of the camera to move to the next photo.

Movie (Stand) Mode

yoga 11s movie stand mode

The last mode is the Stand Mode, but we call it the Movie Mode because this is how we use it when we watch movies. As you can see, Gabby enjoys watching movies too.

When in this mode, the hinge allows the screen to stay where you put it. You can adjust the screen to allow for any reflections or be sure it’s in the perfect viewing angle for you.

watching movie on Lenovo yoga 11s

And more than one person can watch with you very easily.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Details

Overall, I am so happy with this mini laptop. The 11.6 inch screen size makes it easy for work and watching movies, yet it’s still small enough to take with me.

At just a bit over 3 lb, I can easily slip the Yoga into my bag.

Depending on how I’m using it, I get about 5 – 7 hours on one battery charge. I love that it lasts for one cross-country plane trip.

lenovo ideapad yoga 11s

The Yoga 11S comes with several different specs in either orange or gray, so I’m not going to get into the details specifications here. You can check out the different models on the Lenovo Yoga 11S site yourself. 

The Yoga 11S got this tech family’s stamp of approval!


Disclosure: I received the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S in exchange for participating in this campaign. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own. I am also part of the Lenovo INfluencer Network.

Keep Calm and Get a (Lenovo) Yoga 11S!

This was just for fun, but I love the name of the Yoga and thought it fit perfectly with the Keep Calm quotes, so I made 2 for fun. Feel free to download or Pin It on Pinterest. Mouse over the images to pin.



What are your thoughts about the Yoga 11S? Do you consider your family a “tech family?” Which mode do you think you would use the most?

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